If you’re interested in becoming a successful entrepreneur it’s well worth following the example set by a businessperson who has already achieved a high level of success. An example of which is Marc Leder, who successfully built a billion dollar company from the ground up. If you’d love to be able to emulate Leder’s phenomenal success, simply continue reading to discover how to build your very own business empire.

How to emulate Marc Leder’s success as an entrepreneur and businessperson:

  1. Invest in yourself by investing in higher education

Marc Leder, firmly believes that a solid education gives individuals a solid foundation, from which they expertly build world-class businesses. Marc Leder attributes much of his success in life to the years which he spent studying economics and the world-renowned Wharton School of Business. Which is an elite ivy league school which is located in Pennslyvania.

While it’s by no means mandatory to attend college and earn a degree in economics, management or business in order to build a highly successful business, by pursuing higher education and earning a degree in a finance related field, you’ll equip yourself with invaluable skills, which you’ll be able to use to ensure that the business which you found is a success.

  1. Gain as much business experience as you can

While you may be tempted to found your first business straight away and to learn about business by being forced to sink or swim, it’s a far better idea to follow Leder’s example and to make your mistakes working for someone else’s business.

After graduating from the prestigious Wharton School of Business, Leder found himself as a top-level executive at one of the most successful finance companies in the country Lehman Brothers. Where Leder found himself filling the role of senior vice president. A role which would equip Marc Leder with many of the business skills, which he’d use to catapult the business he’d set up in the future, to success.

  1. Make sure that you have the right support when it comes to starting up your own business

Instead of deciding to found his first investment firm on his own, Marc Leder opted to found Sun Capital Partners with a few of his trusted, esteemed business friends. Who he knew had the skills and vision which his investment firm would require in order to succeed. Not just in the short term but also in the long term.

So if you’re looking to launch your own business, it’s well worth taking an honest look at your strengths, skills, and experience and seeing whether there is anyone who you may know you may have any of the skills which you may lack, who would be interested in starting up a business with you!

If one of your primary goals is to become a successful businessperson who owns or co-owns a multi-million dollar company, it’s seriously well worth taking all of Marc Leder’s business tips to heart. As a man who runs a company which has earnt over $50 billion US dollars must know a thing or two about running a successful business!