Despite there being plenty of stylish and exquisite tourist destinations in Spain, the Costa Blanca remains to be the top choice for many expats. And it’s not just for people from the UK. The Costa Blanca attracts everyone from all corners of the world. It boasts of a diverse culture. But, why do expats love it so much? What are the reasons why everyone who visits this spectacular coastline never wishes to leave? Well Miguel Lopez of local property specialists, believes there are several main factors. Here are the reasons why:

The Coast Line is A Sight for Sore Eyes

Are you tired of waking up to busy streets and tall buildings? The Costa Blanca gives you a new perspective on life. When you live here, you wake up to a beautiful view of the pristine sandy beaches. The fresh breeze from the ocean gives you a feeling of comfort and serenity. The coastline stretches for over 200 km. It starts from the town of Denia in the North and extends to Pilar de la Horadada. It is for this particular reason that many expats head down to the Costa Blanca. We all dream of waking up to such an environment, and on the Costa Blanca, you can make this dream a reality.

A historical and Cultural Gem

Earlier on, we did mention how the Costa Blanca attracts people from different cultures. Well, this isn’t new for this part of the world. History tells us that in the past, it accommodated Romans, Arabs, Iberians and Christians. All these people left a historical footprint in this coastline, and it continues to do so up to date. Being a historical and cultural gem, the Costa Blanca welcomes foreigners from all corners of the world. And this is why a lot of people love it.

Geographical Location and Accessibility

Another reason why expats prefer the Costa Blanca to other locations in Spain is its geographical location and accessibility. The area is located near two major international airports. There is one in Alicante, which is 20 minutes away and another in Murcia, which is 45 minutes away. You can easily get to the Costa Blanca irrespective of wherever you are flying from in Europe. You can also easily find your way to other areas in Spain from the Costa Blanca.

Thrilling Landscape

The landscape at the Costa Blanca never disappoints. It’s a blend of everything. You can find sunny beaches, lush farmlands, wastelands, pine forests and even winding rivers. You can create an atmosphere that suits you by buying property near a landscape that gives you the thrills. This wide variety allows tourists to pick landscapes that entice them the most. And all can be found on the Costa Blanca.

The Climate is Terrific

A lot of expats come from countries that have adverse weather. Another reason why the Costa Blanca remains to be the number one expat destination is because of its favourable climate. Here you get to enjoy 300 days of sunshine in a year. The weather has made the Costa Blanca one of the healthiest regions in Europe.

It is due to these reasons why the Costa Blanca has and will always be the number one expat destination for tourists. It is a beautiful to place to live in, the weather is great, and you get an opportunity to join a diverse culture. There is absolutely no reason for you not to visit the Costa Blanca.