The city of Melbourne is a perfect place for students. Over the years, there is no surprise that this student hub has grown into one of Australia’s most fun and entertaining cities. Melbourne is a city which has 7 universities and also hosts campuses of 5 more universities. The three biggest universities in Melbourne alone house 50,000+ students and teach some 277,000 students, with 90,000 of these being overseas students. This is a huge number of people to house, and there are many areas in the city which are dominated by student accommodation and living.

Beyond private student accommodation, many of the universities offer accommodation on campus for their students, and these are those which do.


Monash is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Melbourne They offer students the option of staying on-campus during their studies. The uni is able to offer accommodation to students on two of their campuses, including Clayton and Peninsula. On these campuses, Monash university offers rooms and apartments, as well as residential villages to encourage more social activity.

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is the largest in the city and it too offers a range of options for student accommodation. The large percentage of the options that are on offer here are extremely high end and the university has invested heavily in it’s accommodation. From older options such as Lisa Bellear House, with over 250 individual rooms, to the soon-to-be-opened Lofts at Melbourne Connect, which will be a freshly thought out living space that students will love. Beyond this, Melbourne has university apartments available, housing 60 rooms in total. Finally the University of Melbourne residential colleges offer an all-inclusive option for students who will stay and eat on-campus.

RMIT University

The RMIT university doesn’t have on-campus student accommodation options, but it works with Student Housing Australia to offer its students a total of 700 partially furnished student accommodation apartments. These accommodation options all fall within a 5 minute walking distance from the university itself.

La Trobe University

And finally we have the beautifully designed La Trobe university, which has plenty of accommodation options for students who are studying with them. With regards to on-campus options, you will find that the college in Bundoora is where the student apartments and rooms can be found, with a wide variety of options for incoming students. The university also offers a number of off-campus sites, which are in fact owned by the university. These accommodation options are usually for older students who wish to have a little more space and freedom, and there are many single and two bedroomed apartments which the university can offer.

Staying with the university, be it in halls or in Melbourne residential colleges, is often the best option for those who are just commencing their studies. Most students will then move away from the campus as they progress through their time at the university. As you can see, there is a wealth of student accommodation options in Melbourne.