The Costa Brava is one of the world’s most visited holiday destinations. Every single visitor to this part of the world plans to have a great time. They book costa brava villas to rent, plan to visit the beach, and generally have a great time. But how can you make the most of your trip to this amazing part of the world? Read on for more details!

The Costa Brava is Large

The Costa Brava is quite a large part of Catalonia. In fact, it runs from Barcelona’s province right the way to the border of France. Many people assume that the Costa Brava is a small part of Spain, and they’re usually quite surprised when they find out it’s not. The benefit of the size of the area is that there’s so much for you to explore.  The great news is you can reach a lot of areas by bus, but you should be aware that the bus routes are not always as good as you would find elsewhere. If you really want to explore the area you may want to think about hiring a car and heading off to those quaint little villages that just have to be seen to be believed.

There are Tourists A-plenty

During the summer months, you will find that this part of the world is very popular with tourists. This means that hotels in the local area tend to get booked up quite quickly. Therefore, it would make sense for you to organise where you’re going to stay as soon as you can. The local towns can get very busy, and by busy I mean crowded. The good news is that if you do want a bit of peace and quiet you could head to a village somewhere or a really small beach as they tend to be quite empty.

Talking of Beaches…

The Costa Brava contains some of Spain’s best beaches. Although the beaches do tend to be quite small in size, they are often very beautiful and surrounded by cliffs and rock formations. Many beaches can only be reached on foot, making them extra special. However, you should be aware that you may need to walk down some steep paths to get to the beaches, but it will all be worth it.

Don’t Speak Spanish

Costa Brava may be a part of Spain, but here the locals speak Catalan. Although most of the locals do speak Spanish and they can understand it, Catalan is the language of choice. The Costa Brava is, therefore, the ideal destination if you would like to learn more about the local architecture, heritage and culture.

Salvador Dalí was ‘ere

One of the world’s most famous artists Salvador Dalí lived in the Costa Brava. He was born in Figueres, which is a town approximately 45 kilometres north of Girona.  As you can imagine,  Figueres is now home to some of the best museums celebrating  Dalí’s work. If you are a fan of Salvador Dalí, or you simply want to take in a bit of culture, then you may want to head to Portlligat, where his summer home stands. Oh, and he had a castle, which can be found in Púbol.

Villages and Towns

While many people are more than happy to head to the Costa Brava to enjoy their time on the beach, to drink in the local bars and enjoy a few beers, there’s a lot more to this part of the world than meets the eye. If you decide to travel around the area you will see that there are many lovely villages and towns that are worth visiting. There is even a medieval town to visit that goes by the name of Besalú. If you’re a fan of castles you may want to go to Begur, a town that’s found on top of a hill. Try to spend at least a few days away from the beach, and head towards the towns and villages that are beautiful and have their own unique characteristics.

There are Many Museums

This incredibly beautiful part of Spain is home to a lot of different museums: From the traditional to the odd! The Museu del Cinema that’s located in Girona is a great place to learn about moving images. The  Museu del Suro is ideal if you would like to learn more about cork (That’s right!), and the  Museu de la Confitura is the ideal destination for anyone who loves a little bit of jam and would like to learn more about it. The Museum of Jam can be found in Torrent and is well worth a visit.

There are Many National Parks

Why not plan to take time out from sunning yourself on the beach and make your way to the west side of Costa Brava’s coastal area? Here you will find parks, mountains, and valleys. If you love to do a spot of hiking, this is the place to be. Mountain bikers can usually be found in this neck of the woods too as it has everything they need, sweeping mountains, tough terrain, and the great feelings associated with spending time outdoors. If you have the chance, visit  La Garrotxa Natural Park and its volcanoes or the Cap de Creus National Park for breathtaking scenery.

The Costa Brava is home to more than just sunny beaches and bars and clubs. There is so much more just waiting to be discovered. So why not make the most of your time in this incredible part of the world, and get out there and enjoy all that it has to offer?