Canada is a magical country. I guess it is one of the best places to live, work, retire and maybe die in the world. The system of governance, structures, culture, weather, and the opportunities are some of the most admired things in the country and for which millions of people around the world desire to see and experience. For those looking for permanent residency in Canada, there is an elaborate application process for immigrants, but for those looking forward to just visiting as tourists, you can always fill the Canada ETA forms if you are visa-exempt and traveling by air. Here is a look at some of the many misconceptions and myths you will hear when you are trying to get to Canada-:

Toronto is the capital city of Canada

Toronto is one of the leading cities in the world and it is also the largest and most populated city in Canada. Additionally, it is Canada’s financial center but it is not the capital city of Canada. Due to its rapport, most foreigners have always thought of it as being the country’s capital, yet Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. Ottawa is in the province of Ontario and located further north.

Canada is always very cold

It is a fact that Canada is located up north, thus making it a very cold country. But it will interest you to know that Canada experiences a huge variation in temperature and climate, and it is not true that the country is cold from January to January. In fact, there is a partial desert in the Okanagan Valley, and when you head towards the coast, in places such as Vancouver, you will find the climate to be very moderate.

Places to the south such as Pelee Island share the same latitude as northern California, and so you can imagine the amount of heat it usually experiences. But if you are planning to visit, be aware of the weather and prepare to dress accordingly. Yes, the country is cold, but also it conforms to the changing weathers.

Canadians speak only French

It is amazing how some people believe that Canada is an extension of the French. It should be noted that Canada is a diverse country with people from different nationalities and countries. When it comes to Canadians speaking only French, just about 22% of Canadians speak French as their first language. The highest concentration of the French-speaking population is found in Quebec, where French also happens to be the official provincial language. Other places with considerable French-speaking population include Manitoba and New Brunswick.

Canada is so safe that you don’t need to lock your door or your car

It is a fact crime rate in Canada are among the lowest in the world, but this does not mean that there are zero crimes so you are at liberty to leave your doors and cars unlocked. Crimes such as homicide, robbery with violence, and aggravated assault are relatively low in Canada, but there are other categories of crimes whose rates are relatively high in the country.

Things such as property theft and car theft are very common in the country, especially in and around the big cities, therefore, if you visit and you think about leaving your door or car unlocked, take a moment and think again. You should also be reminded that crime is everywhere in the world and if you were visiting big Canadian cities such as Montreal or Toronto, be sure to take every precaution to stay safe.

Canadian beer is stronger than American beer

If you were to take literally what was written to be the alcoholic content on beers from the two countries, then it would be true that Canadian beer is stronger than American beer. But this is not true because of the two countries ways of determining and labeling the alcoholic content in the beers. Canada lists the alcoholic content in their beer by volume, i.e. the percentage of the liquid in the beer that is actually alcohol. Americans, on the other hand, list the content of alcohol in the beer according to the weight of the bottle, i.e. the mass of the alcohol. With such a method, the alcoholic content in American beers will always give a lower figure because alcohol is less dense than water, hence, will always weigh less.

Healthcare in Canada is free

Canada has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and this has given rise to another common myth about the country. It is true that Canadians don’t need to pay money every time they go to see a doctor, but this doesn’t mean that it is free. They have a universal health care system where the cost of the healthcare is well taken care of through the taxes they pay. This makes it to not be free. In such as system, the cost of the healthcare is shared equally amongst all the citizens. But there are a few things you have to note about this system. There are quite a number of things that are not covered and for these, you will have to dig into your pocket if you need care in such areas. They include dental and vision care, prescription drugs, alternative medicine such as massage therapists, naturopaths, and chiropractors among others.

Canadians don’t walk with firearms

That the country is relatively safe has made many to believe that Canadians don’t carry guns. Perhaps they don’t just hold dear their right to carry firearms, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have guns or they don’t walk with them. It is estimated that about seven million Canadians are licensed firearm holders, but most of them don’t use them to protect themselves. The bulk of the licensed firearms are for sporting and recreational purposes. For those who desire to carry a firearm for their own protection, the Canadian system is able to offer you adequate security so no need to have your own gun. But if you think you need guns, then buy complete AR-15 rifles for its long-range accuracy and light-weight appeal.

There are animals everywhere in Canada

Not even in Africa will you find wildlife everywhere. It is a fact that Canada is steaming with nature and wildlife, but you will only see them in their proper habitats and sometimes when they stray away from their natural homes. However, don’t expect to meet a bear or a beaver the moment you step out of the plane at the airport.