For me there is no better place in the United States of America than California and I am hoping that when I retire my wife and I will move down there. I first went to California just after leaving college with my roommate Thomas, for Thomas Leeper Myrtle Beach California was home and he would spend hours talking about how much he loved California. I am from New York and I can remember being completely fascinated with the way that he spoke about his home state. After that first visit I was in absolute agreement with him about how amazing it was down there, and if you haven’t yet been to this amazing corner of the world then here is why you will fall in love with it.

The Coast

Where Thomas lived on Myrtle beach was, as you can imagine, right on the beachfront, from his home we would walk miles and miles along the sand, and I was stunned at how much of it looked like virgin beaches. Naturally there are many heavily populated beaches in California but there is also a huge amount of sand which just appears to be completely untouched. The sea is warm and the beaches are the beautiful golden sand, absolute bliss.

The Wine

My wife and I love our wine and when we go to California we always make sure that we head to the Napa Valley where there is a huge collection of vineyards. The wine from California is amazing and I am taking about all varieties. The climate in the Napa Valley is a bit wetter than the rest of the state, making it the perfect place to grow these delicious wine-making grapes.

The Attitude

I have heard rumblings in the last few years that California would like to break away from the rest of the union in order to manage its own affairs. When you meet the people in California you can understand exactly why. The isn’t an arrogant move because they think that they can do things better, this is a move to preserve their relaxed and chilled out way of life. Californians have everything that they could need, sun, sand, sea, kind people and lots of natural resources and money, they would do a great job on their own.

The Events

Whether you are into music, art, sport or business there is always an event taking place in the state. Music fans will love LA and Sunset Strip, sports fans have over 30 teams to go and see here, business lovers can indulge in conferences and networking events and fans of the arts have Hollywood right there on their doorstep. There is always a buzz in this state and there is always something happening which gets the people talking.

You will fall in love with California just as I have, that is an absolute guarantee.