If you’ve been wondering where you should head off to for your next adventurous getaway, you might consider the old standbys when it comes to holidays or adventures. Places like Italy, Greece, or even locales further afield like South East Asia can call to travellers time and again offering up a whole host of exciting activities to enjoy, but what if you want something different? Something a little more wild in the adventure department? Well, look no further than Tanzania – a large country in sub-Saharan Africa on the coast of the Indian Ocean. This country is not just full of exciting wonders to behold, but is home to some of the most welcoming people, delicious food, and more wildlife than you can shake a stick at. Here are our favourite things in Tanzania – the things you really have to see to believe!


This beautiful island off the coast of the mainland is home to some of the whitest sand and bluest seas around. The capital, Stone Town is the birthplace of legendary Queen singer, Freddie Mercury and is a must see stop for people who have ever enjoyed any of Queen’s music. For those looking for a beach excursion, you simply can’t miss Zanzibar. With a mix of both party villages and quiet locales ideal for honeymoons or just chilled beach holidays, you get a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation on Zanzibar.


In the north of the country stands Africa’s highest peak and famously difficult mountain, Kilimanjaro. While not in the same leagues as the likes of Pakistan’s K2 or Nepal’s Everest, to climb Kilimanjaro takes fitness, preparation and time. Many people find that it takes around a week to climb Kilimanjaro due to the altitude and needing to adjust as you climb ever higher. Regardless, it’s a trek and requires not just preparation and stamina, but also guides, patience and overnight stays on the mountain. 


The Serengeti is world famous for its huge population of animals that call this region home. Each November and December, great herds of wildebeest migrate through this region in what is known as the great wildebeest migration, drawing thousands of visitors to see this annual event. While the Serengeti is a popular and highly sought after destination within Tanzania, you can have just as great experiences elsewhere, such as in the Selous Game Reserve, where you can sometimes not see another car for hours, feeling as though you have all of Africa to yourself.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

This region near to the Serengeti is unique in the sense that it’s actually the crater of a dormant volcano. It also holds one of the oldest known footprints of a hominid, making this one of the possible first locations of mankind. The crater is home to a number of Maasai tribes as well as numerous types of wildlife. Hikes up the cliff faces of the crater can warrant some of the most stunning views of the whole area which are a must do if you’re planning to be in the area.

So there you have a couple of great things you need to see when you’re in Tanzania. With so many amazing things to see and do, it’s easy to understand why this amazing country is moving up the ranks of highly visited and sought after tourist destinations. Enjoy!