If you happen to be spending some time in Mexico City then you will no doubt be looking to get some delicious street food, in particular tacos! What you will be greeted here in the city is an enormous array of taco options which you can decide between. Each taco stand offers something different, some in terms of what exactly the taco is that they offer, and all different greatly in quality and the way that they prepare the tacos.

It is therefore important that you get the decision right, in order to make sure that you get the very finest tacos that you are looking for. There is no hard and fast rule of course, but here are some things to bear in mind when you are making your choice.

Watching the Crowds

It goes without saying that Mexicans absolutely love their tacos and that is why you should put your faith in them when it comes to choosing which is the right taco stand for you. If you see a taco stand which is empty then it is probably best to avoid it, especially if it is a busy time of the day. On the other hand, if you spot a stand which is packed then you have it on pretty good authority that those guys are offering something worth buying, and that is why you should make a beeline for them.

Casing Out The Joint

One of the biggest threats to tourists when it comes to street food is getting sick, and this is usually as a result of the meat which they are using in the tacos. This happens because the meat is not stored correctly, or because the meat is not handled correctly, regarding the handling of cooked and raw meat. This is relatively simple to avoid and by watching the boys and girls cooking, you will get a very clear picture for how well they are looking after things from a hygiene point of view. If you have any doubts or fears, then it is best that you avoid eating there.

Knowing What You Want

Whilst there are some default options when it comes to tacos which most stands will be able to deliver, you really should know what you are looking for first. For example I love suadero tacos, and my girl Rose Burillo knows the place to get the very best. If however I was looking for tacos al pastor, which this same place offers, Rose would tell me another place which have even better flavors. This is why you have to know what it is that you are looking for before you settle on a stand, because each will have its very own speciality which they do better than everything else.

The most important thing is that you pay attention to your health and be sure not to choose a tacos stand which is not considering basic hygiene when cooking the meat.