Imagine sitting at a rooftop lounge after work, watching the sun sink into the horizon, surrounded by your best friends, laughing and having a good time while passing around a perfectly rolled joint. Your waitress appears with a sampler board of sweets that include peanut butter cookies, sweet potato beignets, and s’mores, to satisfy your munchies, and asks if you’d like another another round of flower for the table.

This sounds like an amazing dream to cannabis lovers everywhere. But in California, that dream is a reality. Lowell Cafe is America’s first cannabis lounge located in West Hollywood, California. 

With it’s rooftop lounge, surrounded by beautiful green plants and imported Mediterranean tiled floors, it’s a far cry from a sketchy, dark den you might expect. In fact, Lowell Cafe feels more like a 5-star restaurant, and they provide a farm-to-table experience with both the flower and food they provide.

What is a Cannabis Lounge?

As state legislature continues to legalize and decriminalize marijuanna, the cannabis industry has grown tremendously. Currently, in states that allow recreational use, folks can go to a dispensary to purchase their cannabis and partake in their homes. That leaves visitors and tourists to these areas out of luck, since most hotels don’t permit it and public consumption isn’t legal.

But, like bars and pubs, where alcohol is served to be consumed socially and responsibly, the need for cannabis lounges for the same reasons has grown. And Lowell Cafe was awarded the first consumption license by the state of California, and is now the first in the nation.

What to Expect

Lowell Cafe’s flower menu will be stocked with product from Lowell Farms. Their high-quality, natural marijuana is organically grown without pesticides, is one of the most popular brands in California, available in over 350 stores. They sell a variety of products, including carefully curated pre-rolls, flower, and cold-pressed cannabis oil, which you will be able to purchase while dining at the cafe or from the dispensary area within to take home with you.

In addition to the full menu of bud available, Lowell Cafe also totes a farm-to-table menu to compliment your experience, created by world-renowned Chef Andrea Drummer, who has been creating cannabis-infused foods since 2012 and is one of the top Cannabis chefs in L.A. Whether you crave sweet or savory after smoking, Drummer’s menu is designed to compliment the heightened senses after cannabis consumption. Though, you won’t find infused foods on this menu. If you are interested in edibles, you won’t find them on this menu due to health code regulations. But there are a variety of pre-packaged foods available from the dispensary area that have been lab tested and approved.

Lowell Cafe is the first to grab a consumption license and open its doors to the public. But, there are over 300 additional applications for one of those licenses in California. There is no doubt that as the recreational cannabis business continues to grow, more and more cannabis cafes will start popping up. But as the first, Lowell Cafe is setting a standard for American cannabis lounges. And with its elevated, high-end, trendy approach, it’s a very high bar to reach.