If you want to pick the most saturated place for event managers but the place which holds many, many events, then you need look no further than New York City. This is the base of David Gordon Fried, event planning aficionado. David who has put on events for museums, art galleries, investment brokers to name but a few believes that wherever you hold your event and whoever your target audience, there is always a similar plan to ensure success.

1.Be organised and start planning as soon as you can

If possible, the event planning process should start six months prior to your event.

Keep in regular contact with any external parties that are invited along and contact them every couple of months and then two weeks before the event to ensure that nothing has changed. A project plan application is a perfect aid to this.

  1. Remain Flexible

For big events involving lots of people and possibly outsourced catering or entertainment there will be changes and glitches. The key to being a successful events planner is to run with these changes and stay calm. You will build up lots of contacts whilst doing this job, especially in a place like New York and you will always have a plan B for emergencies.

  1. Negotiate

Never accept the first price that you are offered, there will always be a room for manoeuvre, use your own credentials as a bargaining tool. The event will give the vendor access to a whole host of contacts and give them chance to network.

  1. Assign Responsibilities

If you work as part of a team. ensure that all of your team members have allocated tasks and have frequent meetings to ensure that everyone is up to speed on their roles and responsibilities.

  1. Do a Run Through

Meet with your team a fortnight before the event, do a dummy run through of exactly what is going to happen. This can highlight any issues or things that you hadn’t considered and is an extremely useful tool for ensuring success.

  1. Photograph Everything

We live our lives online, a photograph is an excellent marketing tool and can say so much about your event, level of professionalism and so on. Include photos of the event branding as this will be very pleasing to your clientele and a way to showcase to future clients what your package entails.

  1. Get Online

There is no way any successful events manager in New York, or in fact any part of the globe would get anywhere without a social media presence. The event should have its own group or page and throughout the night you should post fun, interesting pictures and maybe even go live a few times. This will raise the profile of the event which will please your client and it will also raise your profile.

  1. Follow-up Immediately

It can be useful to leave guests with a small questionnaire or feedback form so that you can gauge their thoughts on your event. This can show your client that the event has been successful, and the positive feedback can then be used on your social media or website.