Many of us can be guilty of ignoring what is right there on our doorstep, and go off in search for something which we have incredibly close, that we just didn’t see. In the case of British holidaymakers, that ‘something’ which is right on their doorstep is the wonderful county of Cornwall. Each year Britons spend vast amount of money to go abroad in search of a perfect holiday destination when, at least in my view, they have one of the most beautiful spots right in front of them, in the deep south of England.

There is so much to fall in love with about Cornwall, in particular the sleepy towns and villages which promise adventure and exploration and most importantly, a relaxed environment for you to spend your break. If you fancy Cornwall as a holiday destination, check out some of its little towns.

St Ives

I say this without any exaggeration, if you were to fall asleep at home and wake up in St Ives, you would genuinely think that you had drifted off to some Greek island or town in the French Riviera, such is the natural beauty in the town. The water here is actually turquoise in colour and crystal clear to look at. The weather in St Ives is one of a microclimate and differs greatly from the rest of the country, usually by around 9 or 10 degrees. Whitewashed houses, a slow way of life and lots of nature to enjoy makes St Ives the perfect holiday spot.


My favourite aspect of Cornwall is the sleepy villages and bustling fishing towns, and Padstow is by far and away the most impressive of the latter. The town is set on a hillside which winds down through mazy streets to the water’s edge below where the harbour is full of life. The pièce de resistence here in Padstow is the seafood, the finest in Cornwall, the UK, and probably in Europe. So good is the catch which comes in to Padstow each morning, that most of it is packed and shipped up to some of London’s finest and most expensive restaurants. Here in Padstow however, you can enjoy it all at a great price, and at its absolute freshest. Padstow is in a good central location too, which offers a great base for exploring more of the county.

Port Isaac

Whilst it is classed as a town, Port Isaac resembles a village far more, and a ridiculously picturesque one at that. So beautiful is the coast here, and the sleepy caves and bays which run along its edge, that countless films and TV shows have featured the town and its surroundings. The beach here is really wonderful and almost empty for most of the year. What I love most about Port Isaac is that there is very little to do, leaving you to wander the shoreline and take in the midday sun, or sat with your book and a glass of crisp white wine, what more could you want from your vacation!

Why not sample Cornwall this year, instead of looking abroad for something which you already have.