There are many things that you need to remember to pack when you’re going on vacation, such as SPF protection, your travel documents, a travel guide, an adapter for electrical outlets, toiletries, and so on. These are all essentials that will help you keep things running smoothly while you’re enjoying your time away far from home. However, these are not the only important items you need to remember to pack, and if you want to stay stylish and comfortable on your vacation, you’ll also need the following items of clothing.

A Swimsuit

This is certainly a must if you’re going to a beach resort or renting a vacation home with a private pool. Even if you’re heading to a ski resort, you might find that you wouldn’t mind spending some time in the hot tub back at your chalet or in the spa at the hotel after a day on the slopes. You might not be planning to do a lot of swimming while you’re away, but having a swimsuit in your suitcase just in case you do go somewhere to take a dip is useful, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space, either.

Comfortable Shoes and Smart Shoes

It’s likely that during your vacation, you’ll be going out for a few meals at nice restaurants or perhaps even enjoying some drinks and dancing one evening. On these occasions, you want to look smart, so having a pair of shoes, whether they are flats or heels, to wear when you’re out is important. However, during the day, when you are exploring the local area or even when you’re traveling to your destination, having a comfortable pair of shoes is a must so that you’re not getting blisters or sore feet that can spoil your day.

Smart Clothes

You’ll need smart clothes to go with your smart shoes, but you don’t need to worry about these being overly formal unless you have plans to go to an event that requires a black-tie dress code, which is unlikely. Smart/casual styles will work well for this, and you can see some examples of beautiful dresses designed for curvy women at that would be perfect for a night out while you’re on vacation. If you don’t wear dresses, then some smart trousers and a nice top would work well too.

A Selection of Casual T-shirts

T-shirts are incredibly versatile, and with the right accessories, you can even dress them up for a smarter look. The reason you should have a selection of these in your suitcase for vacation is that they are comfortable, and they can also help to keep you cool if you’re going to a warmer destination. You can wear them for sipping cocktails at the bar, going for walks along the beach, hiking the mountain trails, or even just relaxing in your hotel or holiday home one afternoon.

There are many things you need to remember to take with you on vacation, but make sure that these items of clothing are all packed before you leave the house.