Now that school’s out for the summer, your kids are back home. If you’re like many stay-at-home parents, you’re struggling to think up ways to keep your kids occupied for the next two months. Though they’ll have plans of their own, you’ll hear the inevitable whine of “Mom, I’m bored!” more often than you’d like. Don’t let these cries go unanswered. Have something prepared by mining from this list of things to do. Not only will these ideas keep your kids busy this summer, but they’ll help save your sanity, too.

Take in a kid’s flick

While this isn’t a practical activity every time your kids are bored from the standpoint of your budget, going to see a movie at the theaters can be a fun treat every once in a while, especially when a storm rolls into town. Check with your local cinema to see if they offer special showtimes for families or special kids’ rewards clubs. These programs mean you won’t be sharing the theater with people who don’t already have kids. They may even come with reduced ticket and concession stand prices, so it can be easier on your wallet after catching The Incredibles 2 or Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Download a fun educational game

Things are a lot different than when you had summer holidays. While you played Super Mario and Zelda on a chunky SNES tied to your tube television, your kids can play games from a tiny black rectangle. Even their iPhone 8 can do more than your old portableGameBoy could ever do. While they’ll inevitably download some fun games while your back is turned, encourage them to play an app that doubles as an educational tool. You can find some great apps that make learning fun by checking out a list like this one.

Kids play rough, even when they’re on an iPhone. If they plan on taking it outside, make sure you add an iPhone 8 skin to their device. You can find factory fitted iPhone 8 skins that cover everything but its screen, from its curves and corners to its backing and bezels. This kind of made-to-measure coverage makes sure grime, dirt, and sharp edges won’t damage this expensive gadget, even when they’re playing in their tree fort.

Create a chores chart

This list isn’t entirely selfless. You can take advantage of their boredom by putting them to work.Take some of the load off your own plate and share simple chores with your kids. When you post their daily tasks on a chart like this one and gamify their chores, you can increase the chances they stick with these odd jobs all summer long. They may not enjoy tackling a list of daily chores, but they certainly won’t be bored while crossing their tasks off the chart. It will also help them develop a sense of responsibility for their surroundings and their belongings.

Visit the library

Encourage a lifetime passion for reading by taking your kids to the library and investigating the children’s section. Not only will they have a variety of books, movies, and CDs you can take out for free, but they’llalso have a calendar full of activities geared towards kids during their summer holidays. Swing by and speak with your librarian to see what kind of events they plan on hosting. They should have anevent for every age, so you can plan your weeks around these special activities no matter how young or old your children may be.Your local library branch is an amazing resource at any time of the year — not just the summer.

The first few days of the summer holidays may be simple, but don’t let these easy days lull you into a false sense of security. Eventually, your kids will tire of their new-found freedom, and they’ll come running to you once they do. This list gives you a fighting chance at keeping them occupied, so remember these suggestions the next time they don’t know what to do with themselves. From family movie times to special library activities, there’s something for every age and every budget.

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