If you have an open fire in the home then there are some accessories which you cannot go without. For example each hearth should have some tools accompanying it, such as as a poker, a brush, bellows and tongs. Beyond this however you also need to make sure that your property and the floor outside the fire is fully protected, and that is where fireplace screen covers come in. These large pieces of kit are absolutely essential for any home with an open fire.

The reason why these accessories are required is mainly to offer protection for your home. Ultimately the dangers of embers leaving the fire and coming into the home are about more than just causing dirt although nobody wants that, it is also about the risk of fire in the property. A fireplace screen is essential and here is what to look for when buying one.


Whilst the primary function of this type of accessory is of course blocking the soot and the embers coming out of the fire, it is also essential that we understand the need for style here too. Ultimately this is going to be a very large piece which you have in the room and that is going to catch the eye. There is therefore little point in ignoring style here because the reality is that the more stylish it is, the bigger a statement that you can make.

Traditionally you would have chosen a mesh fireplace screen for this accessory, which would then allow you to still see the flames whilst blocking the debris. In the modern world however there are some terribly intelligent people who have created screens with a range of designs that offer different glimpses of the flames depending on which angle you happen to be looking. Remember just how important it is to get a stylish fireplace screen as well as one which is fit for purpose.


Always be careful with the weight of these screens because you are going to moving it about quite a lot, each day in fact. When you first find a fireplace screen which you like, you should be able to very easily pick it up and move it around. In the modern age there are some pretty weighty screens which you can find and that is why it is essential that you see and feel the screen before buying it. Buying online is really not an option for this reason.


And finally make sure that whatever material you have decided to buy, that it is very easy to clean. What you are looking for here really is a screen that can simply wipe clean, and one which does not collect soot and dust which is hard to shift.

And finally you should have a think about cost before you go shopping, because the reality is that the cost of the item can vary wildly depending on what material and style you go for.