Parties are the great stress buster. And with little creative, you can actually take your party to another level. With the passage of time, everyone is trying out a different theme.

Among all, the recent Emoji theme is the talk of the town. Since we live in a time where Emoji literally plays an important role. Conveying feelings, making us laugh and there’s a wide range of it.

I personally believe it’s an amazing idea to host an Emoji theme party as it’s suitable for all the ages. They are bright, vibrant and boost up the festive spirit of any party.

We have curated a range of innovative ideas for your BEST-PARTY-EVER. Alongside you can send gifts online as well. Hence, Go ahead, scroll down and check it out.

Emoji Theme Invitation


First and foremost invitations are the first impression to any party. Because depending on looks, it’s going to rise up the excitement to arrive at your place.

You can simply create an email and use loads of Emoji and hit the send button. Or perhaps if you love to be a DIYer then there are free templates available for the invitation.

Simply get it printed out and later decorate it with some embellishments. It’s very easy to do a Google search and various images will be stumbled upon you. Depending on your party select the one which is striking.

Emoji Theme Decor


Decoring the party is always a fantastic way when done with your dear ones together. To begin with, you can opt for balloons as they are enough to captivate your guest’s heart.

You can ask the kiddos to help you out with the decoration of emoji. You can get the Mylar balloons or simply draw the Emoji, paint it and then stick it on the balloons. Rather than glue get a transparent tape to get it together.

Apart from balloons, you can create Emoji party banner. Draw it on the cardboard and cut it. Later all you need is to align them together in a row and hang it on the wall. For a cheerful experience ask the guest to give a pose with it and then click the picture.

Emoji Theme Photo Booth


Is there any party without Photo booth? Nope! You haven’t heard about it. Hence for the fascinating photo booth, you can make a Polaroid or Instagram booth and write down a quote or wish Happy Birthday with a #hashtag.

On the top surface of the booth, you can fix few Emoji’s like smiley, anger, and hearts etc – anything that you want. Moreover, you can make photo booth party props as well.

Again, like I have mentioned above of cutting the Emoji’s then attaching it to the sticks, working as a photo booth props. You click as many pictures you want.

Emoji Theme Dessert Table


Anything that’s in a circular shape can be used in form of Emoji. It’s a party hence without any sort of desert it’s going to be incomplete. Next to it decoring the dessert table is also mandatory.

You can buy a sweet token of appreciation via birthday cake delivery. The sprinklers on top of it, makes it look delicious. Also, don’t miss out the sweet cupcakes topped with chocolate buttercream in form of poop Emoji. *Suppressing laughter*

In addition to that you can arrange small yellow colour plates just like that of Emoji. Likewise, jelly in a heart shape for eyes and mouth in form of the cookie. When you arrange on Plate, Tada! A � will be seen. That’s something unique and interesting for the guest to solve. Likewise, you can make other edible faces of Emoji.

Emoji Theme Food Table


Keeping simple yet classy is what every host wants for his/her party. Thus, for food table arrange the napkins and wrap a ribbon of Emoji.

Also, if you are having a large group of the party then you can assign table and write down their name on glittery paper with a special Emoji.

Besides the printing cloth on a table can little glitter and Emoji’s popping on it.  That’s all about decoration. For food, you can have small bite size pizzas savoury muffins and other aerated drinks.

Emoji Party Favors


Party favours are the trendsetters which make every party ending on excellent. With cute packing filled with other sweet and savoury delicacies.

Likewise, an Emoji cover pillow and wax candles will work best. It’s all dependent upon your wish you to give. Furthermore, you can differentiate according to the person for his/her likes.

Organizing, arranging, cancelling everything and doing all over again. If you want to throw a party that’s going to be enthusiastic, full of delight, without creating any sort of fuss – then certainly the above-mentioned ideas of Emoji party theme will pull off style and exceptionality without many efforts. So, go ahead and plan your party and add cheers to it. You may also find more interesting ideas about the party at 10minuteideas. Enjoy your reading journey