You need your home office to be a space where you feel productive and energized, yet also happy and calm. Follow these top 10 home office decorating tips to get the space you need to get the job done.

Getting to decorate your home office however you want to is one of the many perks of working from home. You can spend hours upon hours browsing through office decorating magazines for ideas.

You may even watch decorating television shows and take a few notes when they talk about how to upgrade your home.

10 Classic Office Decorating Tips

Today, we want to give you 10 essential office decorating tips that’ll take your office from just another spare room and turn it into an inspiring workplace.

1. Choose a Good Spot

Before you begin decorating your office, you have to choose the right room because not all rooms in your home are created equal!

Since you’ll probably be spending several hours each day in that room, choose a room that has plenty of natural sunlight because it can help you feel more energized and less sluggish so you’ll be able to get more things done.

If you happen to meet with clients in your home office, you may want to consider a spot that has a private entryway, or there is an exit nearby so clients aren’t walking through your home.

2. Paint Colors

There’s scientific proof that indicates color can influence how our brain reacts to certain stimuli. The color you choose for your office should be one that is going to kick your business mojo into overdrive.

Top colors for the office space include:

  • Blue: Blue represents communication, efficiency, logic, and trust. Use this color to promote focus and reduce mental strain.
  • Yellow: Yellow represents confidence, creativity, friendliness, and optimism. Use this color to promote creativity, happiness, and positivity.
  • Green: Green represents harmony, nature, and restoration. It’s easy on the eyes, so it’s a great option if you tend to work long hours.
  • Gray: Gray is a neutral color that is often used to promote sophistication. Be careful because it can promote depressive feelings. Use colorful accents for balance.

3. Functional (But Stylish) Furniture

It doesn’t matter if you are meeting clients in your office or if you’re the only one that will be spending any time in there, your office furniture should be functional and stylish!

So, while you may have your eyes set on some gorgeous desk with elaborate detailing, it may not be the best option if there aren’t any drawers or the top is too small.

We suggest looking at furniture that compliments the rest of your home instead of something completely different. For example, if you have a lot of modern pieces throughout your home, your office should match.

4. Have Plenty of Storage!

Not only should your desk have a lot of storage, but you should have plenty of shelving and cabinetry in your office.

Shelving and cabinetry are going to keep all of your business related documents and work neatly organized, while still adding visual interest in the space.

Fun tip: If you rent your home and cannot paint, paint the back of second-hand shelves for a fun pop of color!

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Patterns

Patterns can be a fantastic way to incorporate color into your workspace while letting some of your personality shine through.

If the thought of bold patterned wallpaper frightens you, you could either opt for a neutral wallpaper with a tone on tone design, play with patterned fabrics, or incorporate a fun patterned rug.

6. Add Artwork!

As you go through your office decorating plans, don’t forget to incorporate artwork into the design. Although there is no limit on what could be considered art, we recommend choosing pieces that either:

  1. Has something to do with your business. If you’re a writer, you could have your favorite poems framed or if you’re a photographer, you can hang your favorite photographs)
  2. Has a personal meaning. You can’t go wrong with hanging pictures of your loved ones! There are even websites that’ll take your life moments and turn them into hand-painted pieces of work. We highly recommend that you check it out!
  3. Completely customized. Maybe you don’t anything too over the top. You can commission art from local artists and have something truly unique and special.

7. Choose Accessories That Complement

Accessories are those finishing touches that just brings a room together.

Let’s say your home has a comfortable, laidback feel. For your office space, you can use small mason jars for your paperclips and thumbtacks; you could also use a distressed mason jar as a pen cup. You could use a stack of old suitcases as a side table with a lamp.

The accessories can have a practical purpose, but they can also just be a nice touch, too. For example, if you have some knick-knacks that you love, don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your office space!

8. Technological Secrets

If you’ve ever looked at a space that has been designed by an interior decorator, you may have noticed that there seems to never be any cords!

It isn’t that the cords for any appliances and electronics have been magically removed; they’ve just been hidden.

You can use cord binders or tubing to bind any lose cords so that they can be hidden away behind or under furniture.

9. Create a Bulletin Board Wall

A bulletin board wall will give you a place to tack up inspiring images, important reminders, samples, and other important things like bills, receipts, and such.

You can even make it a little more fun by using quirky pushpins or painting the bulletin board something other than the defacto brown.

10. Keep Refreshments on Hand

Instead of having to stop your workflow because you’re jonesing for some coffee, why not have a coffee maker in the office? If you prefer cold beverages, install a mini-fridge where you can keep cans of soda or energy drinks.

Office Decorating Wrap Up

During the designing and decorating process, you’re going to have moments where you’ll feel like you are in way over your head. However, we hope these 10 office decorating tips were able to give you an idea of where to start.

Once you’ve decorated your office and you can begin working on those fabulous projects on your to-do list, head over to our blog for more home improvement ideas!