Glass plays an important role in the final finishing and beautification of your house. Technology advancements have made it possible for glass to be used for various applications such as modern door designs, blinds, windows and glass railings. Glass railings can elevate the interiors and exteriors of your house.

You will find them in common places in homes such as staircases, balconies, pool fences, and corridor fences. Let’s see how they give your home and personal aesthetic appeal.

Glass Railings for Pool Fencing

What kind of railings are you using for your pools? How much safety does your pool have? Your choice of railings can provide a beautiful aesthetic and some form of security to your home, but at the same time, can block an attractive view. A glass fence railing is made up of several glass panels attached to a metal railing. This metal is resistant to corrosion and rust as they come in the form of aluminum or stainless steel. Because of the type of tempered glass used the glass deck is durable and long-lasting. They have the ability to withstand adverse weather conditions and very strong winds. Glass railings are also transparent so that you can get your desired pristine view of your pool.

Unlike wood, where you have to paint from time to time, the glass deck railing needs no refinishing to enhance their durability. A simple wipe down with water and soap every few months will keep it clean and looking new. It adds beauty, elegance, and definitely style.

Glass Railings for Staircases and balconies

The simple, clean and sleek look of glass stair railings allows them to go almost unnoticed because of its exquisite and aesthetic appeal. A glass railing provides the needed structural support required by glass staircases. Since glass allows light pass through them, the area they are installed tends to have a bright look and feels airy.

They also provide a rich and complete look to glass staircases.

Some of the benefits of using glass railings for your home include:

Unobstructed View: glass railings provide a unique and unobstructed view for your home, it allows an easy capture of scenic views, and they can integrate seamlessly, the outdoors with your deck.

Durability: Most railings types would require extensive maintenance over time, but with glass railings, little or no maintenance is required. There are no regular repairs, touch-up, and minimal upkeep. Glass is resistant to rust, corrosion, rot, stain or warp. They require no repainting or refinishing.

Design and Privacy options: Glass railings have a variety of design options, the frames come in a variety of styles and colours. The glass panels also have options with different textures – tinted glass, textured glass for privacy.

Adds value to your home: The aesthetic appeal of glass adds value to your property.Because glass is considered a luxurious option compared to metal or wood, the introduction of glass in your home design automatically raises its value.Adding glass railings to your home can change the dynamics of your property and the perception of it.

Easy installation: Glass railings are easy to install. Depending on the size of your home, it can take just a few days to have it completely installed.

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