When you’re considering moving to the country it can be difficult to weigh up all your options because the estate agents who cover country properties likely only cover one county if you’re lucky.  They have some country properties but also other properties as well which just don’t suit your aspirations for country living.  So you have to deal with several real estate agents to open up a few more options.  But where could you look for country homes for sale which has a much wider reach?

Online Country Homes For Sale

Thankfully there are now a few online agencies which partner with hundreds of real estate companies across the country to bring together all of the countryside properties, estates, ranches and land sales in one place.  Whether you’re looking for a lakeside cabin, a ski chalet, a ranch with land, or a pocket of land in the country that you can develop yourself, you will have plenty to choose from within your budget, and can look a lot further afield for options.

What to Consider When Choosing a Property in the Country

Now you’ve got a lot more choice there are several things you need to consider before making a decision on which property is best for you.

The first is how country you really want to go.  We’ve all seen Alaskan Bush People, and that might even be the motivation behind this new lifestyle change, but do you actually want to be based in a very remote location with no power, no running water, no roads, and no access to shops and other conveniences without taking a long journey?  The reality is you want to live somewhere secluded and beautiful but you want to have some of the basics in life such as a road to your property, electricity, piped water, and local amenities such as a supermarket, a doctors surgery, a dentist and of course a cell phone signal.  Take this into consideration with the sites you’re considering.

Another major consideration is building rights and permits.  Yes the more remote a place the more likely you won’t have much pressure on what you can build and where on your own land, but in most counties if you’re building on a virgin piece of land you will have to fill out paperwork which might take some time to be signed off.  So instead a much better option is to buy a piece of land which already has a residence on it, so that you can live there while you apply for construction of a second property or to extend the current property.  The property will already have utilities, and its going to be much quicker to get building permits on a pocket of land which is already built on.

A further consideration is how are you going to make a living.  Some land might already have a thriving business such as a ranch, holiday let, fishing or hunting land, or with rental properties.  Take advantage of this.