Do you have a shed that you don’t know what to do with? Perhaps a spare room with limitless possibilities? If so then I want to share with you a few reasons as to why you should take that unwanted space, insulate the space and then put sauna heaters inside it. This may sound slightly mad at first but as someone who has actually done this I can tell you that it really isn’t as crazy as it sounds, nor as expensive as you may think. This all started two years ago after my eldest moved out and we decided to completely renovate his room which was a small annex at the end of the house. We installed a sauna and I would go as far to say that it is one of the best ideas that I’ve ever had. If you do decide to do this, here are the benefits which you can count on.


Saunas are one of the most relaxing places on Earth and when you get home after a long day, strip off and jump into the sauna it will quite literally melt all of your troubles away. The heat from the sauna will warm up and then loosen the muscles which of course will give you that feeling of relaxation. Furthermore this becomes like a quiet sanctuary where there is only you and the warmth of the furnace to keep you occupied, the perfect space to relax and unwind, not to mention the fact that some of my best ideas and decisions have been made in that sauna.


I cannot tell you just how much the quality of my skin has improved since I have been using the sauna and it has gotten so good that people now ask me what me secret is and which cream I use. The sauna causes you to sweat which helps your body to push out all of the dirt, the bacteria and the grime which is lodged in our pores. Over time this detoxes the skin completely which leaves you with great looking skin. I wouldn’t recommend that you get a sauna solely for this reason of course but it is a great benefit which you can count on.


There are so many health benefits of using a sauna and with just a session or two in there each week you can really feel the difference. For example if you are dieting this will be a great way for you to burn calories along with your healthy eating plan. If you have issues with circulation then the heat of the sauna can also greatly improve this and get the blood flowing more uniformly. Finally there are some wonderful heart benefits of using a sauna and the increased circulation will improve your heart health and minimize the risk of attacks or heart disease.

Why not go a bit crazy in 2019 and get a sauna installed at home!