When you have plans to host Canada Day, the summertime family reunion, and a few backyard barbeques, it’s easy to let your role as host get to your head — and your budget. Between keeping your fridge stocked with the best brews and your table full of delectable meals, you can lose track of what you spent and leave your savings in ruins. If you want to protect your budget from your social life, try out these simple, money-saving tips.

Plan a potluck

A common mistake that inexperienced party planners make is taking on too many tasks on their own. They believe that because they’re the host, they have to offer anything and everything their guests could possibly want. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your friends and family understand the financial burden of being the host with the most, and it’s unlikely they’ll expect you to pull out all the stops for a casual barbeque. Potlucks and other “bring-your-own” events are rising in popularity, as people spread out the responsibility of hosting. Suggest your guests bring their favourite dish and a summer drink the next time you invite people over. This will cut down on how much you’ll have to spend on your grocery trip.

Shop smart

When a family get-together means 40 people are on their way, you’ll need a lot of supplies for even the most laid-back dinner. You can save considerable cash by buying party necessities and snacks in bulk from stores like Costco and the Bulk Barn. Just be sure to do your research. While you can find deals at these stores on many of the items on their shelves, not everything is cheaper when bought in bulk. Take the time to compare prices between Costco and your local supermarket and check the price-per-unit to see which store has the lowest prices.

Be prepared to go over

Few people will go over budget when they’re hosting just one backyard barbeque, but once you’re set to host every family get-together the rest of the season, you might find it all too easy to overspend. If you get stuck paying for every party, from Canada Day to Labour Day, you may approach fall with your savings in tatters and your finances ill-equipped to cover a seasonal repair or unexpected bill.

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Though you may love playing host during the summer, you probably don’t love the bills that come with opening your doors to friends and family. If you’re worried about your ability to cover your upcoming outdoor party plans, use these tips to help you welcome guests without breaking your budget.