It would be fair to say that Chicago is one of the hottest property areas in the entire country right now. Whether you look in the city or the suburbs, you’ll find that top prices are paid in this area of the world. It has caused investors from all over the world to come and grab a slice of the action, including men and women from Removille.

If you are in the fortunate position of already owning a property in Chicago, whether it is in an area thriving on the block of the city or elsewhere, it’s time to read on. We will now take a look at some of the best ways to increase the value of your home and ultimately take advantage of this market, according to local expert Haris Ahmed.

The power of light

If your home is of the block in the city, there’s no doubt that light can come at a premium. There are huge towering blocks to contend with and this means that our rooms are gradually being sapped of any light.

This is where you need to be as creative as can be. In some cases, this might be strategically placing mirrors around your home, in a bid to reflect light throughout.

In other cases, more adventurous renovations might be attempted. These might involve installing skylights, or even opening up rooms to ensure that more light flows through.

The upshot of adding more light to your home tricks the eye into thinking that it’s bigger than it really is. From a value perspective, this is clearly significant.

Boosting your loft insulation

This is one of the simplest techniques you can tap into, but in the age of staying green it can make a monumental difference to your home’s value. Particularly in an area like Chicago, going green is completely in fashion and buyers will pay a premium to go this way.

One of the easiest ways to go green is to install loft insulation. This is cheap to buy, and even easier to install. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make to the temperature of your home and when a surveyor comes round, this will be quickly reported to your potential buyers.

The elusive curb appeal

If you have conducted any sort of research into the housing industry you’ll have probably heard all about curb appeal. Put simply, this refers to the image that prospective buyers see as they first wander past your home. As we all know, in any walk of life, first impressions count for everything, so getting this curb appeal right can do wonders for what others think of your property.

So, just how do you achieve this? It’s all about making sure you garden is in tip-top condition, as well as the front of your home. If your door has seen better days, give it a lick of paint. If there are a couple of roof tiles missing, buy some more. By doing this, you’ll be amazed at how opinions of your home will suddenly rise – and so will its value.