Everyone strives for happiness in his or her very own way. You might find comfort in exercise, you might find peace in spirituality, and you find passion in love. There are a million ways humans can work to achieve happiness, but at the end of the day there are always going to be roadblocks, barriers to happiness that are usually out of your control and that very much affect the way you feel.

One such obstacle is money. For many, being in debt or perpetually strapped for cash can have a real emotional toll. Not only do money troubles make people unhappy, but they often preclude people from doing other things that would make them happy. For instance, perhaps you get your stress out by exercising at the gym, but can’t continue to afford the monthly costs that accompany that experience. Or maybe you get a lot of joy out of your free time with friends, but have been forced to take another job that cuts into that time.

You’ve probably heard that age-old question: does money buy you happiness? Would you be happier if you won the lottery? This is often brought up to discredit the idea that having more money will make you happier, but for people who continually worry about money, winning the lottery would definitely help. Money isn’t the only thing that makes you happy – of course – but having a lot of it sure would make things easier.

Even if you don’t win the lottery, just the act of playing can make you feel like you have a greater sense of control over your financial fate, and it provides something to dream towards, which is an important emotional outlet for everyone. Picking your numbers out, researching little tips to help you win big and waiting with bated breath as the announcer calls the numbers – these are all small joys that add up to create a happy experience. There are few games that are so cheap to play and yet offer such a great potential windfall.

If you do win the lottery, of course, there are certain measures you want to take to make sure you maintain your happiness. For instance, according to experts, it is important that you immediately hire a lawyer and financial advisor, both of whom will guide you financially in the future. The other thing experts recommend doing, at least at first, is to maintain a relatively similar lifestyle – give yourself time to mentally adjust to your new financial reality. That’s not to say you shouldn’t pay off your debts and buy yourself something nice, but don’t go quitting your job and buying a jumbo jet. At least not yet.

Worrying about money can cause sadness and a feeling of helplessness. Playing the lottery, and engaging with the real possibility of becoming wealthy, can be a great source of happiness for some people. Not only is playing the game fun, winning would free up the time and resources you desire to live life the way you want. Does winning the lottery make you happy? It certainly doesn’t hurt!