Everyone has a friend with a personal library that could rival the average bookstore and that seems to always be reading a new novel. If you want to make them a present for a birthday, a holiday or for no reason at all, here are some excellent DIY gifts that will encourage their literary obsession.

A Cozy Blanket

An avid reader will want to spend their free-time curled up on the couch with a good book, so you should make them a blanket that will keep them cozy. Go to the website Yarnspirations to find free crochet and knitting patterns for blankets, afghans and throws that you can follow. They have options for every single skill level ranging from intermediate crafters to complete beginners. The website is also a one-stop shop for any tools, accessories and materials that are essential for your project — you can get great deals on clearance yarn and have them delivered to your home within days. This present will keep them comfortable when they have their nose stuck in a book so that they can easily drift off to a fictional world.   

Brilliant Book Bags

These are considered one of the DIY crafts all book lovers will appreciate because they will always need a sturdy canvas bag for their trips to the library, the local bookstore orthe next sidewalk sale. Buy a plain canvas bag from the store or sew your own, and then decorate your tote bag to make ittotally personalized — you can stitch in patterns, print pictures, glue on glitter, dip-dye colors and more. Try to incorporate a literary theme into the bag by writing a quote from a beloved book or by drawing their favorite character.


Creative bookends will straighten a line-up of standing books so that they don’t tip or slide away — they also add a little bit of personality to those rows of ordinary covers. If you are looking for DIY bookend ideas for your gift, you can use wooden blocks, bricks, animal toys or anything that can hold a heavy stack of spines. Decorate them by adding embellishments like beads, glitter and stones or by spray painting them in a bold color.


Fuzzy Bookmarks

This is a great homemade gift for your friend because it will mark their spot for the next time they open their book and keep the pages looking pristine. If you have yarn left over from your knitted blanket project, you can use it to craft a sweet pompom bookmark. Follow a step-by-step tutorial for bookmarks on the Yarnspirations blog to see exactly how the final results should look. You can also order a pompom maker from the official website to guarantee that your handiwork is perfect every time.

It’s difficult to get a brand-new novel, comic or magazine for this friend because they are likely to have already bought it. That’s why you should handcraft one of these personalized literary gifts for them — they will love the fact that they are so useful, thoughtful and unique.