Bonworth does not gain its reputation and slogan without reason, Americas favourite Mother and Daughter Store sells everything from jewellery to raincoats, bags to dresses. From petite to plus sizes there is something for everyone, thus gaining its reputation for being able to clothe all of the family at a very reasonable price, this is definitely true at the Henderson store North Carolina.  There really is so much on offer to ensure that you can easily BeBonworthBeautiful. The value of the clothing is also amazing, none so more so as in the outlet store in Henderson, North Carolina. Add to this the fact that they still love a good sale and have many promotional events throughout the year then you know that you are getting impeccable value for money.

Bonworth has been a nationally recognized fashion retailer for over forty years with more than two hundred stores throughout thirty-six states. This would not have occurred without the promotional activities, amazing sales, fabulous social media reviews and by the positive staff being shining stars. Chief Operating Officer Gurumoorthy Gurusankar has a model for the key to her success. She believes in a women-based workforce who know about the problems of finding clothing, when you are a different size or shape, petite or tall. She believes therefore that they will understand their customer base and therefore be able to help them make the right and happy choices of products, thus ensuring their return and therefore building up a trusted customer base. Over 97% of the company’s employees are women and this is consistent with the store in Henderson North Carolina. Gurusankar who is fully committed to the community also welcomes any senior citizens who may want to return to work at the stores.

Bonworth stores are all ran with a family structure in mind. They are nurturing environments that attempt to create a happy, knowledgeable workforce. This is why they do not have a high turnover of staff and their positive staff, including the ones at the Henderson Store North Carolina are happy, positive, motivated and knowledgeable of their products. They are like a little family of stars.

Their online presence is great, with a flurry of positive reviews confirming that their products are excellent value for money, that there is something for everyone and for every occasion. Be it a walk in the park or a family wedding. They also have fabulous accessories and rain coats and wellingtons when required. There is an abundance of messages, on social media and web-based platforms, confirming that the staff are extremely friendly especially in the Henderson Store North Carolina and that nothing is too much trouble for them when you approach them and ask them for help. The messages continue to discuss the extremely competitive prices, even before the sales and promotional events and again make specific mention to the Henderson Store North Carolina.

Make sure that you fit in your visit to Bonworth whilst considering all of the fun and great things to do with your family in Henderson, North Carolina.