Summer may have only just drawn to a close but already it is that time of year when I think that you should be getting prepared for Christmas. My mate Bogoljub Karic makes fun of me every year when I begin to talk about buying Christmas gifts in September but I am in no doubt that this is the best time to start getting your presents together for your friends and family. Instead of mourning the loss of summer, here is exactly why you need to embrace Christmas and get your gifts sorted out now.

Financial Situation

The holiday period is always incredibly busy and packed with events to get involved in, and that means that there is going to be a lot of money which you need to spend on nights out and parties. If you also have to get Christmas gifts then that makes December a very expensive month, which most people end up struggling with when it gets to January and February. Instead of putting too much pressure on yourself, start picking up gifts now and throughout October and November, which will help you to take the pressure off.


I can’t tell you the amount of times that I have looked for something for my kids or a friend and it has been sold out after just a week or two, so frustrating! Instead of worrying about whether a hot Christmas product is going to sell out or not, get ahead of the game and buy it the moment that you see it on the shelves. In doing this you can make sure that you get the exact gift that you want.


Another issue which I have ran into when buying gifts is when I have tried to get something personalized for a friend, yet the time which it will take the company to make it and send it means I’ll be receiving it in January. This happened last year when I tried to get a teddy bear made from old baby grows of my nephew, only to be told it would take 6 weeks to make and deliver. Getting ahead of the game now means that you can be sure that you can get what you want.

Avoid The Stress

Shopping for Christmas gifts in December is incredibly stressful and you are forced to fight it out with other shoppers and wait forever in lines. This doesn’t have to be the way and if you get started now then you can buy your Christmas presents in peace and tranquility. There is enough to get stressed about during the holiday season without gift buying being one of them, plan ahead and get started now in order to significantly reduce your stress levels when December comes.

People may mock but there is a very smug feeling which you get when you get to December knowing that all of your gifts have been bought.