These days it’s common to hear the term ‘digital nomad’, but what exactly is one and how do you do it? A digital nomad is someone who manages to make a living online in one of a number of ways – many of which are unique and interesting and can provide you the opportunity to run your own business from anywhere in the world meaning you can travel as little or as much as you wish. Here are the top ways to make a living as a digital nomad.

Graphic Design

Graphic design these days is one of the hottest ways to make money on the side. Graphic design can see you doing anything from developing logos for businesses large and small to backdrops for websites and even just fun little side projects for various reasons people need. Having skills in graphic design are in high demand and everyone always seems to need a graphic designer, so what’s stopping you from getting in on this awesome skill set?

Coding/Web Design

Both coding and web design are hot skills to have as well. Coding can be extremely lucrative, allowing you to build and maintain websites essentially from scratch, something people will pay a lot of money for. Website design is along the same line except it deals more with the aesthetics of the site itself and not the building of the site from scratch. Either way, these are great options for making money on the road as either can be done from anywhere provided you have a computer with enough processing power.

Online Games

Online games sounds a bit strange but it’s actually a great way to make real money with little to no risk. Sites like bettingtop10 are great resources for those looking to play games online with little risk and provides them the opportunity to bet on their favourite sporting teams while on the road. Likewise, online casino games are similar, allowing new members to get free spins and the like, with the chance to win real money with zero risk on your part. Don’t forget about signup bonuses – all of which can help you have fun while making real cash!


This is a huge one and with so many people out there taking advantage of this avenue, it’s easy to see how popular and successful a choice this is. Essentially to make money from your blog you build up a readership and then monetise the blog by selling ad space. The money you get from selling portions of space on your blog can eventually lead to serious sums of money. Take Linda Ikeji for example – her fashion blog has helped her become Nigeria’s highest paid blogger, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars per month in advertising and sponsored posts.


Another popular option is freelancing. This is where literally any marketable skill you possess can bring in the cash. From writing, art, administration, photography and more, freelancing can almost literally be anything and everything these days. Freelancing is a great way to make money while travelling with you essentially picking which projects you work on and when you work. Many freelancing websites are in business these days, many taking a small cut from your projects as a ‘finder’s fee’. Some sites include Upwork, Fiverr, Elance and People Per Hour.

So if you’re looking for ways to be a digital nomad, there are five great ways that can get you started on the road to nomadic success and get you out of today’s hectic world and into the world of being your own boss.