Summer is here, and if you have a vacation home, it’s important to take steps to ensure you and your guests won’t encounter pests during that first trip away. You can consult your local termite inspectors to get some advice about pest removal if you have a serious problem, but if you take action long before the first guests arrive, your vacation won’t be ruined. Here are five ways to get pests out of your summer home fast.

  1. Plant Natural Bug-Repelling Herbs

One eco-friendly way to keep pests away is to use bug-repelling herbs. Before summer arrives, go to your local gardening store and pick up some plants that naturally repel bugs. The professionals specializing in pest control Pensacola Florida recommend planting basil, citronella, lavender, rosemary and marigolds. Best of all, you can also use these herbs for summer cooking.

  1. Clear Out Gutters and Remove Standing Water

Another hot tip for summer home pest control is to remove any debris or standing water in and around your home. Standing water is the perfect spot for mosquitoes looking for a new breeding ground. You can help keep them away if you make sure your gutters are cleaned out and rainwater isn’t pooling anywhere around your property.

  1. Seal Small Cracks and Gaps

Most summer vacation homes are in places that get pretty hot and humid. Bugs are naturally going to be out and about outside of your property. You can keep these bugs from infiltrating your home’s interior if you seal any small cracks and gaps. Look around windows, doors and other spaces to find potential spots where insects may enter.

  1. Do a Deep Clean

Next, schedule a deep clean of the property well before you book any time for vacations for yourself or friends. Go through the kitchen and clean up any old food spills or crumbs to ensure your guests aren’t welcomed by any bugs this year. Remove any old furniture or items that aren’t in use anymore to keep the clutter to a minimum and the pests far away.

  1. Contact a Pest Control Company

If you find out there is an active pest problem at your summer home, the best option is to call in the professionals. Contact your local pest control Miami Beach company to get fast results before your first scheduled vacation begins.

For more tips and tricks to keep summer bugs from ruining your vacation time this year, contact a professional pest control service. You can learn how to avoid having your property become a haven for pests while you’re away.