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The best resume writers in the world don’t just know how to write a flawless resume. These professionals are considered to be a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the entire job search process. They know tips and tricks to not only create a killer resume, but also nail the big interview.

The experts can even give you tips on how to effectively use job search engines like Monster and Indeed. Some of the top executive resume writers have come together to offer valuable advice on hunting for a job. Here’s what you need to know to help you land the job of your dreams and significantly shorten the search process.

Dress to Impress, but remember this important step…

Be comfortable! During an interview, you should definitely wear attire that accentuates your professionalism. But there is not need to go overboard. In other words, don’t wear something that you are extremely uncomfortable in. Fabric that is scratchy, ill-fitting, and just downright uncomfortable will drive you crazy during the interview and keep you from performing your best.

Your resume is not a tattoo

You need to keep in mind that your resume is not something permanent, it can always be changed. In fact, it should be changed, especially when you are job hunting. Each time you apply for a new job, you should modify your resume – as well as online profiles like LinkedIn – so that it is more suited to that specific position. Change is a good thing, especially when it comes to your resume.

Applying for online jobs is not your only options

This is something that a lot of job seekers don’t even realize. They focus all of their energy on online job search engines like Monster, Indeed, and Glassdoor without giving a second thought to other resources. You can get interviews scheduled in other ways, like networking and attending career fairs.Who knows? The next high-paying job you’re looking for may even be found through referrals and other social media platforms.

Having a LinkedIn profile is a MUST

LinkedIn has been around for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that LinkedIn started to be considered a necessity for professionals. A recent statistic shows that over 90% of job recruiters utilize LinkedIn as their #1 tool, so if you don’t have a profile you basically don’t exist in their eyes.

Not only should you have a profile, it needs to be as flawless as your resume if you want to get your dream job. Some of the top resume writing services also provide guidance on LinkedIn profile editing. You can get specific tips on how to use LinkedIn to your advantage from the experts at a resume writing agency.

Don’t be afraid to spice things up!

There is one thing that is certain; if an interviewer finds you “boring” with no uniqueness, you aren’t likely to get the job. Job hunters have a common misconception that they need to appear as prim, proper, and professional. This is somewhat true, but you also need to show your uniqueness in some way to stand out from the other candidates.