If you are struggling to deal with the lack of space in your family home, apart from investing a huge amount to move, what options are there? Well, how about looking at decreasing the clutter? We’re not kidding here because this short article happens to be packed with awesome tips to help you increase that storage space. Once you have more space for storing your stuff, you will find that this also creates more space in the rest of your home. So please sit back for a few minutes and digest these cool ideas before putting them into action.


The first thing that you should be doing is picking up all of the stuff that isn’t being used anymore. You probably know most of it already, those items that aren’t doing anything except getting in the way. Start off in one room and simply work your way trough the home. Even that lovely reception room that you upgraded with those awesome replacement windows last summer. It will soon look amazing again, just declutter the house quickly and you will be surprised at how much space suddenly appears.

Storage places?

If you are struggling for cupboards and ready-made storage space, you can invest a little in some cheap but useful solutions. Those clear plastic contains are actually very good for items that you may still need at a later time. These allow you to see the contents and are easy to retrieve when required. Decorative baskets are another cool option and these can be colour coded with your rooms to achieve the maximum results. If you absolutely need to have more light coming into your room, why not speak to those lovely people over at windows Ottawa once you have decluttered your home?

Prime storage space

If you have racks and shelves in your home, start using these to store the stuff that you need the most. You will be clearing the floor whilst also organising your living space nicely. If you are a little light on shelves and racks, they aren’t hard to install, just do it right so they can deal with the weight of your stuff. This is known as internal prime real estate and for a very good reason.

New products

You can combine your storage space quest with a nice little shopping trip and add some style to your home. Just ensure that you measure your existing internal space before investing in that shelving unit or display cabinet. Bring a card with the internal measurements of your rooms before spending.  These can add a lot of style and substance to your home so long as you invest a little time in choosing the design and colour of these useful products.

So, if now is the time to start creating more internal space, feel free to use these useful tips before making any concrete plans. We assure you that you will soon find out that your home has unhidden real estate that can be maximised to start enjoying your family home even more.