Most people love their pets like family, but some go way above and beyond. Learn about 10 of the weirdest things do to spoil their pampered pets.

Are you one of those pet owners who love to dress up their pet for the holidays? Do you buy special dog treats for their birthday or put them up in special kennels when you go on vacation?

Some people may say this is a bit extreme, but really, that’s normal compared to other pet owners. There are plenty of pampered pets out there that take lavish vacations and have in-depth hygiene and eating schedules to stick to. We also think that getting a pet insurance isn’t considered spoiling your pet, so you should definitely do your research on pet health insurance and choose the one that fits your needs!

That’s not the half of it, either. Here are ten things many pet owners do to spoil their furry friends.

1. Getting a Luxury Pet Bed

It’s one thing to make sure your pet has a comfortable place to sleep at night. It’s another to get them a huge bed in the shape of a thrown or one made to look like a human bed.

These are just a few luxury pet beds available for dogs and cats. Not to mention pets like gerbils, hamsters, and bunnies who get huge, fancy houses instead of standard cages and play areas. Cats also love window beds.

Think of it like prime real estate for pampered pets – whether it’s a common household animal or something a little more unique, pet owners find many ways to make their little ones feel right at home.

2. Setting up Extravagant Play Areas

In addition to comfy, big beds, many household animals have huge playsets to call their own.

Cats climb and claw all over grand play areas. Dogs have all kinds of chew toys, ropes, and balls to play with, often in a special area of the yard set aside just for them. Rodents who get to live the life of pampered pets will get mini pools or special wheels and obstacles to enjoy, too.

3. Taking Pets to the Spa

Spa treatments are also common for pampered pets, although mostly popular among cats and dogs. Still, these four-legged friends can spend an entire day at the spa with all the services available to them!

Owners can set an appointment for a standard wash and coat cut, or choose to do some sort of hydration and shine treatment for a coat. Nails can get clipped and painted, and there are even special animal massages available at some luxury pet spas.

4. Buying All Kinds of Hygiene Tools

If a pet owner is spending time and money on a spa, they are often bringing certain hygiene habits into the home, too. A few common care items for pampered pets include:

  • organic shampoo and conditioner
  • special toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • large, state of the art washing areas
  • beautiful pet towels

Between spa days and at-home treatments, some pampered pets end up looking better than most people!

5. Purchasing Designer Collars

As important as hygiene is, there’s more to looking good when getting a pet ready to go out. At least, that’s how over-the-top pet owners think!

Many will purchase fancy designer collars for everyday outings and special occasions. In fact, it’s common to see an owner’s bag, belt, or wallet match their pet’s collar. Some will even wear similar t-shirts or sweaters to take matching to the next level.

Don’t forget about matching pet carriers and carts to complete the look, too.

6. Hiring a Pet Personal Trainer

Sometimes, the outfit isn’t enough. There are owners who pamper their pets with a private trainer in order to help the pet “maintain its figure.”

These pets are placed on strict workout routines, just like a human personal trainer would do for their clients. The pet trainer will either come to the home and pick up the pet, or meet the animal and its owner at a specific animal training center.

It’s no joke, and these expenses can easily add up. But, at least the weight of the animal is kept down, right?

7. Investing in Fancy Pet Diets

When owners don’t feel like pet personal trainers are enough, they will often put their animal companion on a pet diet. They will look into everything from non-GMO dry foods to vegetarian options and special diet supplements for pets. Owners may also decide to cook the pet’s food themselves or have it ready-made by a chef.

This isn’t just a spur of the moment decision, either. Much research is done to make sure the pet is getting all the vitamins needed, without anything extra. Owners often consult various vets, contact special pet food services, and look into unique eating styles – like this benefits of dehydrated dog food article.

8. Going on Special Pet Play Dates

While pet trainers and diets may sound a little strict, pampered pets definitely get a lot of time for play, too. Not just in their extravagant at-home setups, either.

Many pet owners will decide to get together just so their pets can interact. They will go to the dog park, bring their cats out to brunch, or meet up at each other’s home to let bunnies or gerbils play together.

9. Signing Pet Prenups

Has someone ever done something considerate for you that you didn’t even know about at the time? That’s kind of how a pet prenup works.

A pampered pet can tell when they’re about to go for a walk or head to the pet spa. They know when their favorite food is being served and when the owner just wants to play.

But, a pet can’t tell when a prenup is being signed over them. Still, this is a major thing pet owners do to ensure their pet’s safety. It protects the pet from being taken by the other party in the event of a couple going separate ways.

10. Hosting Pet Memorials

At some point, a pet and their owner will part ways, regardless of a prenup. The pet may get some sort of cancer, serious injury, or just age into their death.

It’s a natural part of life, but still extremely difficult to get over. As such, owners who pampered their living pets will do one last thing to say goodbye – host a memorial. This is very similar to a living person’s wake.

Family and friends are invited (both human and animal), food is served, and cherished photos are displayed. Everyone says their goodbyes, and the animal is put to rest.

Pampered Pets and Their Happy Owners

Who knew a pet’s life could be so wonderful?

Pampered pets have it all, from delicious foods to amazing beds and an awesome sense of fashion. But, this is all thanks to their happy owners who know how to enjoy life and share that with their loved little ones.

At the end of the day, life is meant to be lived to the fullest, whether you’re a human or a house pet. For more positive insights and ideas to help you get the most of out life, keep checking back in with Wanna Smile.