Media tends to make you love the “anti-relationship” concept. You might think that having a girlfriend is worse than being bankrupted, having to deal with their emotional roller coaster every month. But believe it or not, here are the 7 reasons you should definitely have a girlfriend!

  1. Homelike Feeling:

Don’t you love the traditional concept of someone waiting for you at home with warm food, when you return from your work? Well, your girlfriend might not cook your favorite food, but she will always be the one to give you cozy, homelike feeling.

  1. Satisfy Your Physical Needs:

Now, you might be wondering, “Why do I need a girlfriend to satisfy my physical needs? I can just get West Midland Escorts for that”. However, physical needs does not only means “sex”. It also include intimacy; a search for real love who can reminisce all those special moments with you.

    1. A Travel Buddy:

Do you love expeditions, but don’t have a buddy to accompany you? Why not have a girlfriend? She is the best travel partner you can ever have. You will never have to worry about your injuries, as she will always be there with her emergency kit!

  1. Someone To Watch Horror Movies With:

Do you scare watching horror movies alone? Why not take your girlfriend along? You can either hold her hands, or cuddle her while enjoying those haunting scenes.

  1. A Shoulder To Cry On:

Life is not always sweet and beautiful. There are ups and downs, but during those difficult times, we all need a shoulder to cry on. Our parents and siblings don’t stay with us for very long. Hence, a girlfriend is the only one who knows how to cheer you up in your hardships.

  1. A Key To Your Success:

We all have heard of the overused cliché that a women is a key to man’s success but don’t you think it’s true? When you find your true soulmate, your life starts getting back into place. You might waste your time texting 30 girls, but only a girlfriend will help you set your life goals.

  1. To Start Your Family:

Did you ever saw a happy family and thought, “I want this too?” while many men desire such life, only a few take a step ahead because they are scared of the aftermath. Believe it or not, starting a family is the healthiest thing you could do to yourself.

  1. A Business Partner:

Are you thinking of starting your own business? A girlfriend can be your best business partner you can rely on. Girls are known to be smart and have sharp wits. She can provide you the best solutions for your problems. Also, you can enjoy going out with her on your business trips.

Conclusion: You don’t have to be scared of the relationships. Not every woman is a gold digger! You just have to find one who will be there through your thick and thins.