Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that tends to sneak up on people. After all of the hype of the holiday season, February 14th can creep up before you have even really had a chance to catch your breath. Thankfully, there are some classic standbys that you can opt for when it comes to finding the perfect gift for your Valentine this year.

The thing about Valentine’s Day gifts is that they are more about the gesture than anything else. As long as your gift shows that you have put in a bit of thought and are hoping to make someone smile, then you really can’t go wrong. Furthermore, some of the more classic Valentine’s Day gifts are things that anyone would love to receive anyway, so don’t be afraid of going cliché on this one.

The key is to make sure that the classic Valentine’s Day gift that you get is elegant and thoughtful. Avoid things that look like they could have been purchased along with your weekly groceries, and you should be on the right track.

In order to help you in your search for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift this year, here are three elegant yet classic gifts that you can consider.

1. Decadent Chocolates

Everyone knows that as far as Valentine’s Day gifts are concerned, chocolates are probably among the most cliché. In this case, though, cliché isn’t a bad thing. Chocolates are an excellent gift option for this holiday and are something that anyone would love to receive and enjoy.

That being said, you want to go with some high-quality treats for that special someone this year. If your box of chocolates is too generic or cheap, it won’t exactly send the right message. Consider ordering your valentine chocolate from a quality chocolatier this year for that elegant effect you are after.

2. Jewelry

Another classic standby for Valentine’s Day gifts is a piece of jewelry. This is something that will certainly make your Valentine feel special and put a smile on her face. Ultimately, though, you don’t want to purchase something that is cheap and will fall apart after the second time it is worn. Visit a jewelry store where you will find quality pieces and get professional help to choose.

The fact of the matter is that if you are going to go with jewelry this year, you will need to make a bit of an investment. If you aren’t able to spend a fortune on diamonds, though, consider a lovely charm bracelet. If she already has one, you can keep things even simpler by buying a sweet charm for it.

3. Flowers

Flowers make for the perfect classic Valentine’s Day gift for anyone. However, in order to make the recipient feel extra special this year, make sure to go with an elegant arrangement from a real florist. If you want to go with more of a surprise factor, you can have them delivered directly to their home or place of work. Just be sure to schedule this well in advance so that you don’t miss the opportunity.