Botox has become a very popular treatment for facial creases, brow lines and crows feet, as it is a very effective and simple treat for these which is easily applied and lasts for several weeks.  You may be wondering where can I get botox injections near me?  It’s important to find a clinic where the Botox injectionist is a trained expert.

Where to Get Botox Injections Near Me

Look for a Botox clinic that has a good reputation and has reviews from happy customers who have returned several times because they are pleased with the results every time.

What Results to Expect From Botox?

Botox injections are administered in tiny diluted doses to the areas of the face where you have creases and lines, and the Botox temporarily paralyzes the muscles in those areas so the creases and lines are less defined, but still allows for facial expressions.  They also help with lifting eyebrows, and drooping eyelids and droopy sad lines around the mouth.

A full Botox treatment should only take around ten to fifteen minutes to apply to the areas of the face that you and the injectionist feel will benefit from the treatment, and you should start to see the results of the Botox injections within a few days, which will then go on to improve even more over a couple of weeks.  You should see the effects of the Botox for three or four months before you will need a further Botox treatment.

Do Botox Injections Hurt?

Botox is applied with small needles so as you would expect there is a small amount of pain or discomfort as the injections are applied, however, a good Botox clinic will offer a topical local anesthetic which is applied to the injection sites around fifteen minutes before the treatment to numb the areas so that when you do have your treatment you won’t feel a thing.

There’s no recovery time with this type of treatment, you can carry on with your day as normal, but you are best to avoid any strenuous exercise and lifting for about six hours after the treatment.  You can reapply your make up and continue using your regular skincare products straight away too.

Many people wonder if Botox is safe when they hear that it is a purified protein produced by the Clostridium Botulinum bacterium.  But it has been proven to be safe and is FDA approved, with no severe complications reported from millions of treatments.  It works by blocking the transmission of neurotransmitters I the muscles from contracting, which leads to the lines in your skin relaxing and slowly softening the expressions on your face, giving a fresher younger look.

So Botox is a treatment that if done at a reputable clinic should give you results that make you look younger and refreshed, that last for several months.  Like any other simple beauty treatment you can have them done during a spare hour of your day and then continue with your day as usual.