You know that something has to be done about your teeth. Spending a lot of money on treatments that will help for awhile but ultimately must be done again is not the solution for you. A better approach is to find a permanent replacement for your ailing teeth. All on Four implants is the solution that many dentists in North York recommend. What would this kind of implant technology do for your quality of life? Here are four examples to consider.

Dental Hygiene Remains Simple

One of the great things about opting for Toronto all on four implants is that managing your oral hygiene remains simple and straightforward. Brushing after meals is still part of the routine. You can use mouthwash whenever you like. There are no messy adhesives or the need to take out the plates and soak them overnight. In other words, you get the benefit of having a beautiful set of teeth without having to learn a whole new way of approaching dental hygiene.

Eat Without Worries

Eating when your teeth are in poor shape is difficult. Maybe you have to chew on one side to avoid causing pain. Perhaps you have already gotten rid of your teeth and now worry about dentures slipping out of position. That has a way of making a meal out more of a chore than something to enjoy.

As the dentists in North York will point out, all on four implants don’t slip and they don’t cause pain. Once they are in place, you can eat whatever you want at home or while enjoying a night out with friends. There will be no worries about discomfort or suddenly finding your teeth floating in the soup.

Laugh Out Loud With No Cares

Whether you hate the way your teeth look or you are concerned about dentures slipping out of position, laughing is a problem. At best, you chuckle with your mouth closed or hide the mouth behind a napkin when you laugh. Maybe you refrain from laughing at all because you don’t want to risk something uncomfortable happening. That’s no way to live.

Once those Toronto All on Four implants are in place, forget about holding back. You now have a brilliant set of teeth that look perfectly natural. Instead of worrying about what people will think when they see your open mouth, go ahead and laugh as much as you like. It will feel so good to do so after such a long time of holding back.

Smile When Someone Takes a Picture

Since your teeth began to look so bad, do you ever smile when someone takes a picture? Many people choose to remain close-mouthed and end up looking a bit like they would rather be anywhere but facing a camera. That won’t be so great years from now when people look pictures of the birthday parties, weddings, and other events you attended.

With the help of dentists in North York, you can be fitted for All on Four implants and feel confident in front of the camera again. It will feel good to smile as you stand with loved ones and capture images that trigger great memories in the years to come.

Are you tired of dealing with poor teeth or wearing dentures that never seem to stay in place? Talk with a dental professional about Toronto All on Four implants today. Once you have them, it won’t take long to discover all the ways they make life a lot better.

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