Did you know that there are more options for replacing damaged teeth today than at any time in the past? Perhaps you are someone who needs to choose one of those options. If your dental professional has determined you are a candidate for all on four, take the suggestion seriously. Here are a few of the reasons why this choice is the right one for you.

A Beautiful Set of Teeth in Less Time

There’s a reason that this particular approach to implants is referred to as Teeth in a Day. Unlike other solutions, it’s possible for Mississauga cosmetic dentists to install the implants in a single session and even add temporary dental plates before you leave the office. The result is you have a beautiful set of teeth that same day. Since it won’t take long to create the custom plates that you will wear moving forward, your smile will look even better in a few days.

No Worries About Slippage

Some replacements for natural teeth require a lot of effort to keep in position. That’s not the case with this type of implants. You’ll find that Mississauga cosmetic dentists often recommend this solution simply because they are durable and will not slip out of place. That means you get to relax and enjoy a meal out or stand in front of a group of people without any fears of the teeth slipping out of position at the worst possible moment.

No Worries About Sore Gums

Some alternatives to real teeth leave the gums sore and rubbed raw. That’s not the case with All on Four implants. It won’t take long for you to get used to the presence of the implants, and they certainly will not leave you with irritated spots all along your gums. The fact they are so comfortable is one of the reasons your dentist believes they are the right choice for you.

Daily Oral Hygiene is Simple

Taking care of All on Four implants is simple. The process is similar to taking care of real teeth. You still brush after meals and can sweeten your breath with mouthwash whenever you like. Add in an annual dental exam to ensure everything is fine and have the dental plates cleaned once or twice a year by a professional to keep them looking their best. What could be easier?

There are lots of other reasons why Mississauga cosmetic dentists recommend this type of implant solution. Learn more about the process, what to expect in the days after the implants are in position, and how they will make so many aspects of life much easier to manage. Once you understand everything there is to know about these implants, making the right decision will be easy.

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