The only way you can enjoy a good night’s sleep and have quality sleep is by choosing the right beddings. The bed should of course be sizeable enough for you and then you should select a comfortable, strong and durable mattress to go with the bed. Then there are the sheets and duvets that need to be just as comfortable and functional for you. The pillow is the icing on the bed and the one you select can determine just how much you enjoy your sleep. The wrong choice of a pillow could leave you with back and neck pains hence the importance of completing your bed with the best.

Your pillow should offer support to your back, spine and the neck and the kind of filling it has can determine just how supportive it is. There are different types of fills and each comes with weaknesses and strengths. When you understand the fills, it becomes very easy for you to make the right decision when buying a pillow. Tuft and Needle pillows are some of the best in the market but let us look at the different kinds of fills nonetheless. 

Feather fills

Just like the name suggests these kinds of pillows have feathers for their fill. The style used to be very popular because of the lightweight nature of the feathers, softness and durability. Feather fills are suitable for back sleepers and they will also require regular washing

The good

  • Feather fill pillows are inexpensive
  • They are soft and very easy to shape
  • They last longer, especially compared to synthetic fill pillows
  • They are washable

The bad

  • The feather quills have a tendency of poking through the covers
  • They lack enough height and support
  • Fluffing and shaking is required on a regular basis to shape them
  • They are not hypoallergenic hence not suitable for people with allergies 

Down fills

The down feather fills are got from geese and are loved by many because of their soft luxurious feel. They are however not the best in cases where neck pain relief or support is required.

The good

  • Down feather fills make the pillows soft
  • They are lightweight, cool and very airy
  • They last for a long time
  • The pillows are also easy to shape and quiet compared to ordinary feather fills

The bad

  • The down feathers can poke through cover although not as much as the usual feather fills
  • They lack support and height
  • Pillows with down feather fills are expensive
  • Occasional shaking and fluffing needed to maintain their shape
  • May not be suitable for those with allergies unless they are processed right 

Memory foam fills

Pillows with this kind of fill offer excellent spinal and neck support hence are recommended. They are most suitable for side and back sleeper and may not work very well for those who love sleeping on their stomachs. The memory foam technology is however expensive, but with the superior support, it makes it all worthwhile. The foam used can be shredded, molded or adaptive like the Tuft and Needle pillows which are some of the best you can buy.

The good

  • The fills offer very good support and pain relief
  • They are firm but very soft and smooth
  • The pillows use body heat to contour around the head and neck offering excellent support to any individual
  • Caring is easy and durability quite reliable

The bad

  • Memory foam pillows are ideal only for back and side sleepers
  • They can be heavy
  • They are not as easy to shape
  • They are relatively expensive
  • They may inhibit breathability 

Synthetic fills

They are the most common alternatives to down feather fills and are very versatile. The truth is that these pillows are decent and very inexpensive, hence making the perfect choice for many. The main highlight of the fills is that they are suitable for different sleeping styles as long as you choose a high quality one.

The good

  • The pillows from synthetic fiber fills are relatively inexpensive
  • They are lightweight and suitable even for those with allergies
  • The pillows are easy to care for and bend to required shapes and heights

The bad

  • They have the shortest lifespan of all pillows
  • They can be clumpy
  • They also flatten very quickly in some cases
  • They can be noisy and lose shape very easily
  • The pillows can get damaged from repeated or heavy washing 

Cotton fills

This natural filling makes breathable pillows that are very easy to care for. They fibers can, however clump within a short period of time. They come in different loft sizes and durability therefore.

The good

  • Cotton fill pillows are hypoallergenic
  • They are cooler, especially compared to synthetic fills
  • They are washable and very soft

The bad

  • Cotton easily clumps over time leading to lumpy pillows
  • Filling requires frequent replacing
  • Sleeping style will determine the kind of support you get 

The Tuft and Needle Pillow advantage

Pillows from Tuft and Needle come with unique T&N Adaptive Foam. The foam has the firmness and density adjusted in such a way the pillow is comfortable, soft and very supportive as well. The pillows require no fluffing and come with an impressive three year warranty. They never go flat and you know you can trust in the durability of the pillows. The unique foam is definitely superior to the commonly used shredded and molded foams.

The conclusion

The market offers a wide range of pillows and it is up to you to choose the best for your needs. The brand reputation can go a long way in telling you what to expect from the pillow. You can try a variety of pillows till you find one you are most happy with or you can use customer reviews to make the right decision in the first instance. By looking at the pros and cons of the different pillow fills you can determine what works for you, especially as far as comfort, support and care for the pillows go. Tuft and Needle pillows are among the market leaders.