The older we are the less able we may become, and there is always a chance that we may not be able to stay in our own home. However, before you worry about having to see your home you may want to consider using equipment that can help you stay as independent as possible.

Use a Shower Stool

If you’re not confident enough to use a bath you’ve probably decided to use your shower instead. This is where a shower stool can make a real difference. You can stay seated while you wash, knowing that when you stand back up again you have the handles of the stool to rely on. With rubber feet that secure the stool in place a waterproof shower stool can be something of a lifesaver.

Have Grab Rails Installed

Grab rails are vital if you need help to stand up safely. If your mobility is not what it once was a grab rail that’s installed in the right place can make manoeuvring so much easier. Secured to the wall a grab rail can take all of the pressure you put on it so you can keep your feet on the ground as you stand up. Grab rails are also ideal if you would like to feel a bit steadier when you’re getting into and out of the bath.

Use a Stairlift

Stairs can seem hard to tackle at times and you may find yourself afraid of falling from time to time. The good news is you can use a stairlift to keep your independence. The beauty of a stairlift is they can be installed no matter how many flights of stairs you have, whether your staircase is steep or if it goes around corners.  Moving slowly but securely, a stairlift can help you stay in your home for many years.

Standing Frames

Standing frames can help you move around your home safely. If you need to use a frame to stand and walk you may have to make sure the frame fits in every room that you need to be in. This may mean that you’ll have to move some of your furniture so you can move around easily, but this is a small price to pay. While standing frames cannot be used to help you get up from the sitting position they can make you more stable when you walk.

Raised Toilet Seats

Raised toilet seats can help you to stand back up again once you have used the toilet. Toilet seats can be a little too low and standing back up again may be a struggle. No-one wants the indignity of getting stuck on the toilet so using a raised seat can help you keep your dignity and ensure you’re able to stand up with ease.

Staying independent and being able to live in your own home for many more years is paramount. No-one wants to leave their home simply because they are not as mobile as they once were. Using some or all of the above mobility aids you too can stay independent in your own home.