Over the last few years I have tried out a range of cosmetic treatments on my body and have had varying degrees of success. I have never had anything done that was going to be permanent and have instead focussed on the procedures which will last for a short while. As a result of this there are always some treatments that I come back to, especially ahead of an event such as a wedding or a party. My usual go-to’s are Botox and lip fillers and prior to an event I will always get it booked in. When it comes to lip augmentation Chicago have the absolute best clinics and if you haven’t tried this procedure before, here is why you will love it.

The Process

The process of having lip fillers is very easy and you will be in and out of the clinic in a matter of minutes. Basically you will speak to the surgeon or professional about what you are looking for with regards to shape and fullness, and then they will inject collagen into your lips in an even manner, to get the result that you want.


The one thing that I love about having plump lips is that I feel as though it helps to balance my face. My lips are usually very slim which means that they can look a little out of place given the shape of my forehead and my nose. Plumping up my lips a little bit really helps to even out my face and give me a lot of confidence.


When you put lipstick on fuller lips you will absolutely adore the looks that you can achieve and it isn’t until you try it that you realize what you have been missing out on. Whether you are going for a shocking color or something neutral, your plumper lips will act as a far better canvas for your lipstick than your normal lips will and it can really help you to create a great look.


Whether you are single and looking to meet someone or you are in a relationship, you can use these lip fillers to make yourself far more attractive. Plump lips are suggestive, sultry and sexy and they genuinely can make a difference as to how you are seen by the fairer sex. Even if you are not out there looking, you can feel a great deal more attractive in your own skin with these fuller, more attractive lips.

Watch Outs

If you do plan on having these injections I would recommend that you do it when you do not have an event coming up, in order to see what kind of reaction you have to them. In a very small number of cases the lips may not react well to the injections so it is always best to test it out first.