Dr. Krista Bannon is a renowned general surgeon. She has been working as a general surgeon for five years. Bannon has also undergone some training as a vascular resident. Over the years, she has been treating patients affected by varicose veins. She is currently a part of the Metro vein Centers team, Rochester Hills, MI. Throughout the years, she has also been carrying out some research, and she has been able to publish some of her findings. Bannon has also carried out some mission work over the years. Her surgical excellence and ability to care for the patients accordingly is also outstanding. She has been challenging herself to ensure that she can offer exceptional services as a physician.

As a doctor, Dr. Krista Bannon has come across many patients with varicose veins throughout her career. A considerable population of the affected individuals is made up of adults. Some of the patients are usually affected by spider veins or varicose veins. There are some instances when the patients are affected by both. The varicose veins are generally harmless, but some of the affected individuals experience varying levels of pain. In this context, people will learn more about leg veins and how to handle the matter effectively.

All leg veins are not similar.

The veins normally have valves that ensure the blood can flow in one direction. When the valves wear and tear, the blood may fail to flow accordingly from the lower body towards the heart. The veins will then dilate since the blood cannot easily flow towards the heart, and the affected individual will then suffer from varicose veins. Some people may opt to look for a solution through the internet, but it is better to visit a vein doc since they are the specialists who can treat the varicose veins accordingly. Varicose veins are also visible unless a patient is obese.

Looking into the symptoms that should not be ignored

After experiencing the symptoms of varicose veins, make sure you have consulted a vein doc. The symptoms associated with varicose veins are as follows;

  • Hyperpigmentation- this is a scenario whereby the skin color changes when a person is affected by varicose veins.
  • The skin around the affected area usually hardens, and it may also be itchy.

The mentioned symptoms are the most severe. If a person has the above symptoms, they should visit a vein doc immediately. At times, you may also develop varicose veins since you had a blood clot. The legs may swell, and you may also experience a lot of pain. Contact a medical practitioner immediately, and they will know how to handle the condition.

In some instances, the patient may need an ultrasound. The procedure helps to look into how well the patient’s veins are functioning. If the doctor notices any irregularities, they will correct the matter, and the patient’s veins will continue to function normally. When a medical practitioner carries out an ultrasound, they can also determine the best treatment method to administer. Some patients will have to undergo surgery, and after that, they will be advised to engage in some exercise after they are fully healed to avoid the occurrence of varicose veins.

Some of the available treatment options include the use of laser treatment. A catheter is used to ensure that the leg is numb and the laser is used to seal the vein. Another treatment option involves the use of a chemical foam to seal the vein. The treatment technique is known as sclerotherapy. Although the mentioned treatment options are effective, the varicose veins may reappear. People should apply preventive measures such as exercising and ensuring they have a balanced diet.