Majority of the publications that we read both online and offline advocate that we keep on exercising to keep fit. Indeed, this is recommended whether you are an athlete or just a fitness enthusiast. However, you will rarely get publications that tell you not to go overboard, what happens next and how to prevent all this from happening.

Luckily, this post will cover all these. For athletes who are looking for steroide a vendre, it is important to know that these enhancement gear can lead to overtraining if one does not know the limit or is over-ambitious. Those who are already feeling sore, pain and fatigues at all times should assess their training schedules and see whether they are taking it too far. Here are the best ways not to overtrain during exercise.

Look for Signs

As mentioned earlier, some signs will indicate that someone is overtraining. Muscles soreness may be common when you start the exercise cycle but a persistent one should be indicate something else. One that goes beyond a couple of days indicates that muscles were pushed beyond the limit. This will also give you difficulties while engaging in workouts.

Upon getting such signs and others like lack of sleep, then it is prudent to reduce the number of reps per set and increase the rest time.

Assess the Training Techniques

Probably, you could be using the wrong technique which deceives you. Using smaller weights than recommended makes one overtrain at the end of the day. Some training techniques like skipping, using an elliptical trainer and even the treadmills look simple and one will tend to overtrain if this is their only focus.

In such a case, changing the training technique is the best thing to do. Fitness experts recommend incorporation of other techniques like weightlifting, presses and pushups. Apart from bringing the muscles into action and yielding better results, they also ensure that you do not overdo them.

Use Standards and Proven Training Schedules

The web is now full of recommendations on how people should perform their workouts. Some institutions and fitness experts have researched and come up with standard ways of doing exercise. For instance, one is likely to get an excellent workout schedule for weight loss that will ensure they do not overdo. The best part is that such schedules give you the expectations at the end of the day. If followed well, one will definitely get the results without exaggerating things.


It is one of the best ways not to overtrain. Ensure that your training schedule has recommended breaks in between sets. Whether it is a few seconds or minutes, obeying them will prevent overdoing thing at the end of the day. Another rest that is crucial for a trainer is sleep. During your training cycle, the sleep should be regular and enough. Do not do anything less than 6 hours per day. Let your training also have a day off the workouts or lifting lighter weights after a few days of active workout. It allows the body to heal and recover.

Now that you have the tips on how not to overtrain, it is up to you to follow them well. Going against these tips will derail your efforts, especially when the muscles become completely fatigued. I guess no athlete or fitness enthusiast would want to go through this.