Cosmetic dentistry is any procedure that is done to improve the appearance of your gums, bite, or teeth. It promotes dental appearance in size, colour, shape, alignment, and position. There are several ways that a person can improve their dental appearance.

1. Whitening

A dentist does professional whitening of teeth. As one grows older, they may develop stains on their teeth due to drinks such as coffee, food, medication or habits like smoking. The procedure is inexpensive, simple, and it is done at a dental clinic. The teeth whitening procedure is conducted after the removal of plaque from the teeth.

2. Bonding

Bonding is a process where a dentist applies long-lasting plastic material to a tooth to repair it after damage from decay, chipping or cracking. The plastic material is hardened by a laser light to make it durable and compact.

3. Veneers   

These are shells that are bonded on the front side of a tooth to change the tooth colour, size, length, or shape. Bonding of the shells is done after removing a part of the tooth enamel to create space for the shells. This procedure is costly but the results are worth every penny.

4. Crowns

A dental crown is also known as a cap; it restores the shape and size of a tooth damaged by tooth decay. A crown also helps hold together a cracked tooth and keep it from breaking. The crown is made from different types of materials such as ceramic and metal.

5. Implants

You may lose teeth after an accident, a surgical procedure or medical treatment. To replace the lost teeth, you can go for a dental implant where your dentist will insert a titanium tooth where the missing tooth was located. The jawbones will grow and heal around the titanium tooth hence securing it firmly. This procedure can be done on people who have suffered permanent loss of teeth.

6. Braces

A brace is a type of wire that a dentist fastens on teeth to align them; this is made possible by the pressure applied on the braces over time. If your child has misaligned teeth, take him to a dentist for the fitting of braces to restore their dental health through realignment.

7. Onlays and Inlays

These are alternatives to crowns. They are fillings that fill a damaged tooth, and they are made from different materials such as gold and porcelain. An inlay is bound at the centre of the tooth while an onlay entails filling the tooth at different points.

In summary, if you do not like the appearance of your teeth, you can have them altered to your preference. Do not experience low self-esteem as a result of ridicule from your friends and colleagues due to your dental makeup. Take a step and consult dentists who will advise you according to your dental needs.

Dentists in Parramatta have ample experience and qualifications to take care of all your cosmetic dentistry needs. They will explain the recommended procedures in detail and highlight the benefits and the downside of the process. You will have enough information before undergoing any procedure. It is good to seek help early enough before the situation gets out of control; remember dental appearance is a part of the overall body appearance.