We’ve all been in that situation that called for some kind of assistance – whether it’s a door slamming on us and locking, the power going out, messy cooking or any other kind of minor annoyances that everyday life can throw our way. It’s always a great idea to have a couple of so-called “life hacks” on hand to help us make our lives a bit easier – especially those of us with busy lives juggling work, home, family, friends, and maybe even more. We can all use a little help sometimes, and so here are some of life’s coolest hacks to help you out.

Power Outage

Say your power’s just gone out and you can’t find your flashlight. Well, have no fear, your phone is near! It seems like that’s an obvious right? Wrong! Go one further and make that phone torch stretch further by placing your phone on a table or the floor with the torch side up and placing a full water bottle on top of it. The bigger the bottle the better. The water will refract the light into many different directions, creating a great DIY lantern with literally no work at all.

Beach Safety

It’s everybody’s worst nightmare – going to the beach for a great day out with the family and your wallet, keys or whole bag gets stolen. Well now there is an awesome way to combat this! Clean out an old plastic sun lotion or aftersun bottle, preferably the kind with a top bit that can come off fully to access the inside easily. Once clean, you can put things like car keys, phone, money and more inside and then close it up and it looks nothing more than a bottle of suncream, and who will steal that? (Okay, some people still will, but you definitely lessen the likelihood!)

Waterproof Everything

Do you have a pair of canvas shoes you absolutely love but you hate getting wet feet when it rains? Well now you can have waterproof canvas shoes without caving in to buying waterproof spray from the local shoe shop. Take a piece of beeswax and rub it all over the canvas upper of the shoe. Once covered, use a hairdryer to melt the wax into the material and voila. Waterproof canvas shoes. This can also work on almost any cloth – so if you have a lovely jacket that needs a bit of waterproofing, proof away with this all natural idea!

A Fast Chill

Have you ever forgotten to put that bottle of beverage in the fridge when you get it home from the store and you think “No worries, I’ll pop it in the freezer!”. Of course you have, who hasn’t? Well now you can take it one step further and have a better chill in no time flat. Perfect for when you are having a dinner party and forgot to put the beers or wine in the fridge. Simply wet a piece of paper towel, wrap around the bottle and place in the freezer. Within fifteen minutes you will have something far more chilled than throwing it in the freezer alone. Perfect!

There you have a couple of great life hacks that will help you get on the road to success in simplifying and bettering your time management. Awesome, right?