One of the biggest changes in attitudes which we have seen in the last 20 years is that of mental health, and the world is a better place because of it. I was talking about this with a friend of mine recently who works for Amare Global, a mental wellness company who take a holistic and community-based approach to mental wellbeing. If you look at the Amare Global reviews then you’ll see just what good work this place does. My friend and I were talking about the causes which have helped us to take a different approach to mental health, and these are what we believe to be the factors behind this change.


Unfortunately it often takes something bad to happen before people start to make changes and this is certainly what has happened in terms of mental health. We have seen celebrities in the last 20 years who have committed suicide as a result of their mental health issues, prompting people to start to have a conversation about how we can prevent it. These tragedies shouldn’t have been necessary but the result of the devastation felt by money has been a more open-minded approach to mental health issues.

Loud Voices

Something else which has been a great help in the fight for more mental health awareness has been the voices of powerful and famous people with regards to these issues. We have seen high profile figures and celebrities open up about their battles with mental health issues, and this has inspired more people to open up about their own problems. Furthermore we have seen people such as Prince William in the UK working closely with mental health charities to spread the word and encourage people that it is alright to suffer from these problems. In the past there were so many people suffering who didn’t feel like they had a voice, but now they do.

Law Changes

The laws around the world are changing in terms of employers and how they deal with employees with mental health issues. This has been a long time coming but now those with mental wellbeing issues are being treated in the same way as those who have issues with their physical wellbeing. There is a lot more to be done of course but we have seen the beginning of a sea change in terms of the law and how it treats people with mental health issues.


There are more charities than ever before who are fighting to have mental health at the top of the agenda and they are providing huge amounts of help and support to those who need it. The more charities that there are then the louder the voice becomes, and the more changes we are going to see moving forward.

We have come a very long way from our traditional opinions relating to mental health and whilst there is still a distance to run, our progress in the last two decades has been remarkable.