Jigsaw puzzles are some of the most recognisable and fun indoor activities anyone can imagine. Many of our parents and even grandparents can remember doing them as kids. People swear by jigsaws as the best gift one can present to children and adults alike.

Apart from spending a wonderful time with your family and friends while solving these puzzles, these also have several benefits. Solving a jigsaw puzzle as an activity is a great escape from electronic gadgets and screen devices. Moreover, there are plenty of types and choices available for both children and adults, and solving can benefit them.

Let’s find out about the other incredible advantages you can have while solving jigsaw puzzles.

1. Working the brain –

Solving jigsaw puzzles sounds like a fun activity, but do you know it helps your brain function better? According to science and medical research, our brain’s left hemisphere contributes to rational thinking and problem solving, while the right side contributes to creative thinking. Solving jigsaws simultaneously engages both sides of the brain and helps them work in sync. Children who solve puzzles can help improve their grades and shine in other sections.


2. Stress – reliever for adults –

It is proven that jigsaws can help release stress quite effectively, especially in working adults. Thousands of people get stressed about their jobs, leading to several physical and mental health issues. Stress is the prime suspect in these, and by taking that out, you will be doing a great service to your body and mind. As you figure out a puzzle and eventually finish it, your brain releases happy hormones. Besides, focusing on the puzzle and eliminating other thoughts can also provide a meditation-like experience.

3. Enhances memory –

Kids usually have a shorter attention span, so it becomes hard sometimes to make them memorise and learn things. Australian Jigsaw puzzles can help you with that. Solving puzzles that require focus and memorisation will help your kid become better at remembering things. Not just kids, adults can also get help by solving them. As we grow older, our memory fades; that becomes a concern for people with Alzheimer’s. Gifting a jigsaw puzzle can help with memory gain.

4. Improves visual-spatial reasoning –

Solving jigsaw puzzles doesn’t only make both sides of your brain work; they also improve some other abilities. When you pick up a piece of a puzzle, you start thinking about the complete picture and where this piece should fit too. Calculating the piece’s location according to its colour and shape is part of visual-spatial reasoning. From an early age, solving jigsaws can also improve this ability among kids and adults.

5. Great for family bonding –

If you look forward to solving a jigsaw puzzle as a family activity, choosing a smaller one may not be suitable. Get one of those 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles from jigsaw Australia so you can engage all the ‘8 to 80s in this activity. A large puzzle will ensure that everyone has plenty of opportunities to contribute and lots of time spent, strengthening the family bond. Additionally, it is a great opportunity for all the family members to remain gadget-free at the same period to enjoy quality time together.

6. Introvert’s paradise –

You will come across many people who prefer to remain alone. Hence, a jigsaw puzzle might be the perfect thing to give somebody who enjoys solitude rather than company. It is a no-brainer that life can be tough sometimes for introverts. They don’t like partying and don’t spend time socialising with people, so they need something to enjoy their own company. Gifting a jigsaw puzzle may avert them from associating ever again but they will enjoy their time immensely!

7. Increased IQ –

Several claims testify that jigsaw puzzles improve brain function, problem-solving skills, memory, visual-spatial reasoning, and much more. Solving puzzles regularly can may also help improve your IQ. You may have wondered why many of the smartest people on the planet love to solve puzzles; however, this is the reason. These people have made puzzle-solving a part of their lives, which has helped them become what they are now.

Now you know how many ways jigsaw puzzles can benefit you. So, it is time to have your personalised jigsaw puzzle. At Puzzles Australia, You can have your custom jigsaw puzzle ranging from 30 to 1000 pieces. Thanks to these personalised puzzles from this website, solving jigsaw puzzles has just become cooler.


Jigsaw puzzles are simple yet one of the most effective in brain development and enhancing bonding with people. Moreover, it is also a wonderful pastime. So, make sure to gift one to the people you care about.