If you have an elderly loved one and are preparing for extra care as they get older, you might be wondering what options you have. In-home care and choosing a care home are two of the main choices that people make for those who need advanced care as they get older, and each of them has its merits and disadvantages.

This piece will discuss a few reasons why you should opt for a care home and hopefully help you make the right choice for you and your loved ones.

1. Safety Comes First

Safety is paramount for seniors and those who need additional or special care. Something that you can be sure of that care homes offer is strict safety protocols.

If someone lives alone and needs extra care, they could fall, trip, forget their medication, take too much medicine, and have many other accidents – all of which could be prevented.

Choosing a care home can give you that peace of mind that someone is on hand 24/7 if anyone needs anything or gets into any bother, but there is also that security in knowing someone is there to help them do the things they might struggle with. This makes a great multilayer protection for those in a care home.

2. Companionship

Companionship is important at any stage of life, but it can be particularly difficult for seniors to maintain any friendships or relationships as they get older. There are a few reasons for this. If people cannot physically get about or drive, this can pose a significant barrier, especially if their friends or acquaintances are in a similar situation. Ill health that so commonly comes with old age is yet another reason why seniors can struggle to keep up with social events and see others. It can be particularly isolating when you have issues such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Choosing a care home for your loved one means they are always around people who can care for them and are also of similar age and physical ability. There is also entertainment, clubs, and other activities that can bring everyone together, so no one has to feel lonely or alone at any point. If you are interested in choosing a care home for your loved one, then take a look at Signature Care Homes for more information.

3. Entertainment and Enrichment

Care homes will often have important programs in place to enrich the lives of those staying there. This could be anything from a craft afternoon, a gardening hour, a movie night, a games evening, or entertainment from a third party. This helps keep everyone engaged and leading a full and rich life with others. In contrast, when you opt for in-home care, it can be much more difficult to maintain that level of socialization and interaction, especially if people have to travel to and from a venue.

Seldom do people want to move into a care home, especially because it can be a very daunting and big change, but there are many positives, and plenty of residents have a good quality of life when they move into care.