While selecting accent décor and furniture is not a big deal – you just select the most eclectic thing possible to contrast the straight laced aesthetic of your ambiance – it can be pretty challenging to find chairs that are compelling enough in visuals to ensure such quirkiness. So, further we’ve compiled a list of 5 chairs that will help you get the best of this genre:

1. Bowl chair

Semii-shperical, intriguing, and highly comfortable to sit in, the unique body of this midcentury modern chair will definitely make an awesome accent piece. It would stand out even more if you can set it up in a mostly square-toed interior design. Moreover, you can tweak the color and fabric of the upholstery to contrast the dominant color scheme of the rest of your furniture. This chair can be used as a freestanding object or you can pair it up with accoutrements such as end tables and more.

2. Gaston chair

Macho, masculine, and handsome enough to compete with the original Gaston from The Beauty and the Beast, this midcentury modern chair is perfect for those who want their accenting to be bolder, sharper, and more present. The wide girth, unadorned beauty, and pragmatic aesthetics of this chair deliver a stunning look. It has a casually comfortable visual appeal that translates really well in oversized home interiors with darker color schemes.

3. Diamond chair

The parametric, asymmetric design of the diamond chair makes it a great accent piece. The mesh body not only fits the contours of the human body comfortably, but is also very unique and beautiful to look at. The top is complemented by a bottom structure that is just as quirky but is also highly balanced as well. What’s even better is that you can enhance the presence of this midcentury modern chair by embellishing it with colorful throws, pillow cushions, and anything else that you fancy.

4. Ball chair

Graceful, futuristic, and highly attractive, the ball chair would make an excellent accent piece in any interior setting – be it transitional, contemporary, or even traditional. It has the kind of a physique that is quirky enough to complement all settings. This midcentury modern chair is also highly comfortable and feels like a snug embrace when you actually sit inside of it. It’s also sizably versatile enough for medium to large space.

5. B&B Metropolitan Chair

Swanky, modern, and featuring a large mouth for the seating area, this mid century modern chair is perfect for those who’re looking for an accent piece with a bold presence. It’s not only unique and stylish, but also has a very interesting physique that can work as a contrasting element of its own when featured in a square-toed modern home ambiance.

So, these are some mid century modern accent chairs that can deliver the best of contrast, color diversity, and shapely embellishment. You’ll definitely be able to make a better impact in your homes with them.