When it comes to men’s underwear, women actually have a huge say in the underwear that men choose to wear. If you’re a man and not sure about the type of underwear that’s best for you, what are you going to do? Ask your woman of course! Her opinions definitely matter since you want to come off as sexy in her mind.

So what exactly are women saying about men’s sexy briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs? Is one better than the other?Here you can read up on their opinions as well as helpful undergarment-wearing tips that every man should follow.

Tips on Underwear for Men from Women

It turns out women have a lot to about the practice of wearing underwear. Maybe “practice” isn’t even the right word, and “artform” would work better. Well when it comes to the artform of underwear-wearing, here are a few tips that every female has for her male counterpart:

  • ACTUALLY WEAR THEM! Going commando isn’t an option here. Some men love the freeing feeling of letting everything hang loose – literally – but this is a major no-no according to many women. Freeballing just isn’t practical and wearing underwear will prevent embarrassing sweat stains on the trousers (yes, this does happen).
  • After wearing them, wash them – Nobody likes a dirty pair of panties, especially the woman you’re hoping to impress. But this isn’t the only reason to wear clean underwear; it is way way way unsanitary to wear dirty underwear, so try to keep up with your laundry.
  • Check the fit and try them on – Underwear for men is by no means one size fits all, so it is a good idea to always check the fit and try them on if you’re visiting the store instead of ordering online. And try not to squeeze into a tight-fitting pair of undies, this won’t make you look any slimmer. In fact, it will accentuate love handles when the waistband is cutting into your skin.
  • Try out more than one style – Maybe you’ve been wearing boxer your entire life, but give another style a chance. You might end up loving the streamlined feeling of slipping on a pair of boxer briefs instead. Also remember that one style is not king over all others. It depends on your activities and what you have planned for that day.

What style of underwear for men is favored by women?

This really depends. Just as you as a man prefer one type of underwear over another, so do your lady friends. Generally speaking though, women seem to find the look of boxer briefs most flattering. But this could just be because of the Calvin Klein ad featuring Marky Mark in a sexy pair of boxer briefs.

If you’re unsure, don’t be shy to ask your lady what type of underwear she finds sexiest on you. She might end up asking you the same thing in return, and you can tell her whether you find her most attractive in a thong, boyshorts, or… no underwear at all!