Check out this ultimate guide on how to wear a watch and make sure that you always look professional and sharp-dressed, no matter what the outfit!

Everyone knows the basics of dressing well: watch out for wrinkles, buy shirts and pants that fit just right, and always try to color coordinate. Ladies know every trick in the book for doing their hair and makeup in ways that feel effortless, and men have their go-to hairstyles, too.

But, not everyone understands what it means to have style. Creating a personal style means filling your closet with items that express your personality. You’re not just trying to match, you’re trying to make a statement.

This develops over time. You may be the girl who’s known for big, statement jewelry or the guy who always has the best socks. Something everyone needs, though, is a watch.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to wear a watch.

Choosing the Best Watch for You

Before you start trying to create outfits with which to wear your watch, you have to actually buy the right watch for you. Think of this like any other accessories – watches come in all kinds of sizes, colors, and materials.

Some will be perfect for sporty, athleisure looks, while others are business casual watches better suited for professional settings. The following are a few things to keep in mind when picking a watch.

Face, Color, and Band

Not all watches are made alike. There are dress watches and field watches, as well as dive watches and aviator watches. The best way to tell what kind of watch you’re looking at is to examine the face.

The face of the watch is where the time is displayed. The time may be symbolized by standard numbers or Roman numerals. You can opt for a standard watch that tells you every hour, or one that is detailed down to the second and tells you the date, too.

The color is another thing to consider.

Think about whether you wear more silver or gold if you’re going for a metal band, and take a moment to check out something like rose gold or a black metal band, too. You may think real gold or silver is out of your price range, but many vendors offer financing options, which you can click to see more about!

If you prefer a leather band or another kind of fabric there are many more color options to choose from. Standard leather bands come in various shades of brown, black, and even cream.

The more adventurous shades include colors like yellow, pink, navy blue, or forest green.

The Right Fit

Just when you think you’ve made the final choice of what color watch to wear, there’s one more thing to look into: the fit. If a watch doesn’t fit right on your wrist, it’s not the best option for you – no matter how beautiful the face, color, and band are.

Remember, this is all about creating your personal style. You want your watch to be comfortable enough to wear every day so that it becomes a part of your signature look. Try on your top choices and make sure the band is snug but not tight, and make sure the size of the face is proportional to the size of your arm and hand.

All the tips above go for both men and women. Below, you’ll find the best style tips for how to wear a watch whether you’re putting on your best suit or going out for ladies’ night.

Styling Watches for Men

As a man, you’ll notice the older you get, the more you and your guy friends will start to talk about nice watches and fancy cars. These topics develop from the dreams of little kids to discussions about the brands you prefer the things you’re saving up to buy.

Many men cherish their first Rolex, just as you probably have a special place in your heart for your first car. But, whether you’re sporting a high-end watch or something a little more conservative in price, you still have to know how to wear it.

With a Suit and Tie

Understanding how to wear a watch with a suit comes down to one thing: color.

Your watch can have the biggest face or a thin, sleek band, but the color is what brings everything together. Always match the color of your watch with the color of your dress shoes, or, match it with your suit color.

For example, if you’re wearing brown shoes, wear a watch with a brown band. You can wear a silver or a gold watch, too, but avoid black bands and brown shoes. If your suit is navy blue or grey, opt for a silver watch. If it’s black, gold will stand out.

There are some instances where you can break the rules, especially if you can match the watch with your tie or dress shirt. But, the better your color coordination, the more put-together you look.

For Casual Outings

When shifting from the workweek into weekend mode or winter to summer fashion, the basic rule stays the same. Try to match your watch to your shoes whenever you can.

You can be as laid back as a pair of boat shoes or put on some loafers to dress up a bit. But, the color coordination is what will make or break how well you wear your watch. This goes for shorts and t-shirts as well as jeans and button downs.

Styling Watches for Women

Color coordination is important for ladies too, but the catch is there is so much to coordinate! Between your earrings, necklace, and watch, always try to match silver with silver and gold with gold.

Then, think about your shoes and purse, too.

At the Office and Networking Events

For professional events, less is more.

If you want your watch to stand out, leave your statement necklace at home. Put on simple earrings and save the bigger, more extravagant ones for when you can really let your hair down.

Laid-Back Styles and Fun Weekend Looks

Once the weekend rolls around, you have much more room to play with your wardrobe. The right watch looks lovely with a maxi dress, flowy pants, your favorite jeans, and even with your go-to tailgate shorts.

There is so much you can do to match big accessories and simple tops and bottoms, or statement garments with subtle pieces of jewelry. If you want to start wearing a watch more often, make your first watch something classic that will pair with all your favorite outfit choices.

Master How to Wear a Watch and Dress to Impress

It’s one thing to know what to wear for certain occasions and another to show up in style.

Whether you have a big job interview coming up or an afternoon get-together with friends, it’s always a good idea to look your best.

This begins with establishing your personal style, then enhancing it by learning how to wear a watch, do different things with your hair, and more. For more fashion tips and tricks, click here.