Wondering what to wear this summer? Take a look at our guide to learn all the summer fashion trends 2018 that are sweeping the industry.

It’s that time of year. The warm weather is settling in and those trousers you’ve been wearing all winter are getting itchy.

But what to wear?

You say fashion trends aren’t your thing; you prefer comfort over the latest style craze. But trust us: in this lineup, you’re sure to find something you like. And many of the suggestions may surprise you.

Sports clothes, anyone? Simple solids?

Welcome to fashion trends 2018.

Summer Fashion Trends 2018

The upcoming trends have a mix of cool nostalgia and fresh new tastes. Take a look at each to start your personal summer wardrobe.


That’s right.

Remember those days when gym shorts were scowled at outside of the living room and tracksuits were only for joggers?

Those times are long gone.

The comfort and versatility athleisure affords have led to it becoming one of the most pronounced trends in recent years.

In fact, this beloved style experienced a 17% surge in demand last year. (We won’t talk about how demand for true performance apparel dropped. Shhh.)

Even better, it doesn’t have to lighten your wallet. Easily accessible and with hundreds of variations to choose from, you can create your unique athleisure style to look lazily cool or athletically-inclined.

We’re not the only ones who think this style won’t be running away (pardon the pun) anytime in the near future.

Matt Powell, the senior sports industry adviser at NPD Group states, “I often get asked whether the bubble around leisure will burst anytime soon, and the answer is no. Athleisure rules the runway.”

Just be sure to avoid the overly baggy look. Really, no one wants to see you with a shirt that hangs past your thighs.

Side-Striped Pants

You silly tigers, side-striped pants are for kids.


With the popularity of athleisure, side-striped pants are back–for adults.

GQ claims these have “become nearly as common as jeans or chinos.” We heartily agree.

If you’re going for the street look, wear them baggy. Want a slim, athletic look? Keep it trim.

Longer Shorts

Yes, gentlemen. You can breathe a sigh of relief.

Short shorts are starting to finally lose favor to the much-appreciated long shorts. Goodbye to uncomfortable bunches and clutches.

For a summer look, go with a solid color to match any shirt or spice it up with brighter tones as the weather becomes fairer.

Keep it around the knee area, friends. Any longer and you risk moving from the effortless style long shorts provide into the just-surfed appearance, which can be super awkward without the proper shirt and . . . um . . . surfboard.

Chino Shorts

Ready to look fashionable without experiencing heat stroke?

Buy some chino shorts. These offer a slim, cool way to be dressy or a quick, easy chance at the casual look.

For a semi-fancy night out, pair them with a blazer and solid undershirt. For a laid-back day, throw on a striped shirt or lighter top.

These offer balance and versatility, making them an essential addition to your summer wardrobe.

Tonal Dressing

No, this doesn’t mean you need to find the exact same hues. Please, please don’t.

Instead, think layers. In shades of the same color.

Keep it to solids, and the options are endless.

Then again, you can always add a pattern to jazz up the style and provide some interesting contrast.

No more black added to whatever you can grab from your closet. Say hello to every color imaginable and find similar hues to spice it up.

For tonal dressing, three pieces to the outfit is optimal.

If you’re color-matching deficient or just hate laboring over the closet, this is the style for you. It provides a quick ensemble because, hey, navy-blue and baby-blue do go together.

You’ll look like you’ve got life figured out without the hassle of actually untangling it.

Vertical Stripes

You might think stripes have grown tired from their constant roll-outs on the runways, but you, good sir, are mistaken.

Vertical stripes have become one of the most basic ensembles.

Now don’t get crazy; it only takes a shirt and solid pants or shorts to make this trend cavalier.

The secret to this craze lies in the type of stripe chosen. Keep it straight and narrow, but not too busy.

Look for these stripes on short-sleeved shirts or tees. And if you have somewhere official to be, stripes are making a comeback on tailored jackets.

Even better news: vertical stripes provide a slimming effect while making you appear taller. If you’re shorter and stockier, this may be an ideal option.

Tropical Shirts

Can you say “aloha”?

Yes, they really are back. And in style.

Tropical or Hawaiian shirts might have once been associated with the drunken uncle or weird cousin, but they are dominating men fashion trends this summer.

To avoid the creepy look, find a lightweight fabric with modern colors and keep the rest of the ensemble plain. Throw on a bracelet and necklace and you’ll look cool and beach-ready.

Come on, you know you have one way, way back in the closet. Take it out. Its day has come.

Graphic T-Shirts

T-shirts don’t lag too far behind. After all, nothing says, “This is who I am” more than a tee.

While most see these as a common and popular attire choice, it wasn’t too long ago when the t-shirt exploded into the fashion trend. Across the pond, the transition was even more recent.

Let’s face it: t-shirts are comfortable, and LA designers have gone crazy with implementing them this year.

So, yes, t-shirts are one of our recommended men summer trends.

Whether it’s the Some Ware tees that have become so popular of late or the space t-shirts that are mesmerizing to behold, you can show off your own unique “you.”

What Are You Waiting For?

With summer just around the corner, don’t forget your travel clothes and be sure to check out our tips on maintaining happiness in those long-haul flights or drives.

Fashion trends 2018 have something for everyone, so start assembling your wardrobe.

In the meantime, gentlemen, keep yourself comfortable, fashionable and smiling.