Going back to school is always an exciting time for students. Many students get the chance to have new classes, teachers, the opportunities to make new friends and try new extracurricular activities. With all these new opportunities many students want a fresh start to be themselves. Buying new school supplies, clothes, and any other accessories for a brand new look may be on any student’s mind when wanting a fresh start with a whole new look. One of the most noticeable and permanent changes any student can make is getting a brand-new hairstyle or a home hair color.

Two Ways Students Can Change Their Hair Before Starting A New School Year

Getting a new haircut

There are many haircuts students can get before starting school. Drastically shortening the length or simply cutting off a few inches are all haircuts people will notice. Short hair has been one of the latest trends over the past few years. Shoulder length hair, pixie cuts, and shaved heads have all been recent fashion statements.

A new style is amazing no matter what you choose.  The point is that it is new.

Trimming off split ends or trimming a few inches of hair off can also be a drastic change to anyone’s appearance. The hair is still long enough to be styled like curled, straightened, braided,put up in a ponytail, or dyed to be a different color, but is not weighed down by broken or damaged hair.

Dyeing your hair

There are many ways to dye your hair before going back to school. The two main types of hair dyes are temporary and permanent formulas. Temporary hair dyes tend to last approximately four to six weeks in the hair. The temporary hair dye typically washes out of your hair with normal shampoo in the approximated four to six weeks.

Permanent hair dye is different from temporary hair dye as the color will last longer in your hair. Typically once a permanent hair dye has been applied to your hair and left on for the appropriate amount of time the color will last until your hair begins to grow out or is cut off. While many permanent hair dyes will last until the dyed hair is cut off some colors may fade after prolonged periods.

Bleaching is another method of permanently changing your hair color, but it is the opposite of a dye. Bleaching your hair will strip the natural color of your hair and leave the final results of your bleached hair white. This type of permanent hair color change is drastic and hard to achieve if not done by a professional hairdresser. If bleaching your hair is what you want to do before going back to school it is recommended you contact a hair salon for professional services.

Changing any part of your wardrobe or appearance is a very personable thing. Changing your hair may be a permanent commitment and should be thought about before any final decisions are made. Whether you are cutting your hair, temporarily or permanently dyeing your hair, or simply trying out a new hairstyle you should know what the final results may be. When you feel beautiful and confident in your appearance many other aspects of your life will be positively affected by that confidence like academic success, friendships, and your overall life. Starting school with new hair may just be the confidence you need when going back this fall.